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Stronger Together with Mitrais: 3rd Virtual Happy Hour and Open Forum

“Communities, countries, and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.”

Michelle Obama

Employee well-being is vital. For this, in addition to providing three different health benefits, Mitrais is taking part in educating its employees to be able to maintain their wellness. Affirming that, on Friday, 26 March 2021, Mitrais organized a Special Happy Hour under the theme The Importance of Woman Reproductive Health Awareness.

Not only was it attended by the employees, but the 3rd Virtual Happy Hour was also enthusiastically joined by their spouses. During the charity webinar, collaborated with Annika Linden Centre and Yayasan Rama Sesana, all employees and their spouses learned about reproductive health problems, detection and prevention of breast and cervical cancer, the dos and don’ts for maintaining reproductive health, and impacts of women reproductive problems from the expert, Dr Luh Putu Upadisari. She is the director of Yayasan Rama Sesana: a vibrant and reliable organization dedicated to improving the health of women in Bali.

Surprisingly, the Q&A session at the end of the event turned to be very dynamic as both men and women asked questions. As we are stronger together, Mitrais and the employees also participated in the charity by donating to Yayasan Rama Sesana, hoping that more families out there will be stronger by having healthy women within.

As important as its employees’ well-being, to maintain transparency, deliver updates, and accommodate inputs or questions from all employees, Mitrais also conducted Virtual Open Forum earlier that day. A questionnaire had been distributed before the event to get ideas, questions, and messages from the employees. This way, the live discussion became efficient as all employees were well-accommodated.

Wiwie Harris, the President Director of Mitrais, commenced the open forum by sharing Mitrais’ plan for 2021. She highlighted that Mitrais is growing and expecting to hire many more qualified talents to join the dream team. She also mentioned that the management team is committed to continuously providing a rewarding working environment. Mitrais VP, Gusti Putu Kompiang, also delivered his remarks regarding IT security mindfulness and managed to address dozens of questions from the audience.

What a festive Friday! Thank you to nearly 400 participants for joining online from across Indonesia, Australia, and Japan. #JoinMitrais #MitraisLife

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