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Meetrais Mia: on Her Journey as a Mitrais’ Software Engineer

Mitrais has been recruiting and facilitating hundreds of fresh graduates who are passionate about being professional programmers. Upon joining, these new hires are equipped with training and mentoring program to get them ready to work professionally on prestigious projects.

While many have taken this as a strategic steppingstone, Puji Resmiati (Mia), one of the fresh graduates joining a few years ago, decided to stay and pursue her career in Mitrais. She joined Mitrais as a Junior Programmer (JP) in September 2014. Recalling that moment, Mia defines her JP stage as a valuable process. Apart from what she had learned from university, Mitrais training has boosted her confidence in putting the concept into practice. “The lessons I got back in college plus the training from Mitrais remarkably made an amazing combination that goes beyond theory and highlights the best practices, ” she said. “And here I am, all well-equipped to join various client projects.” Since then, she has joined numerous projects, local and international.

She has successfully built her career in Mitrais with her perseverance and determination on top of the knowledge and skills she received from the training. Like most software engineers in Mitrais, she progressed from JP to PG (Programmer) Grade in only less than two years. Then, with her excellent work performance, she made another achievement as an AP (Analyst Programmer) in 2018. “Though I’m already an AP now, I still keep the JP training material within reach. I sometimes still need it as a reference,” she said humbly. Her tip to a successful career in Mitrais is persistence in learning new things. She is aware that clients might require the ability beyond coding, such as designing test cases and implementing the report. “The world is bigger than your backyard, so do not limit your competence. Learn other skills and collaborate with your team,” she added. When she said ‘learning’, she emphasized keenness to learn from others. She also claims that people in Mitrais are helpful and willing to share.

“So many programmers out there are grumbling about the frequent overtime work. But I’m so glad to be a programmer at Mitrais because the culture allows the staff to have a work-life balance. This way, I can spend more time outside work having a life with my family.” For Mia, working in a place that allows her to grow and to have time for her well-being is exceptional, and Mitrais grants it.

Mitrais is now welcoming fresh graduates aboard in June at the Yogyakarta office. They will get priceless two-month software engineering and software quality training from our experts to start their career journey.

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