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Mine planning can be an easy process, providing that we have the right set of geological modelling software to help. Coal mines with complex geological structures like those found in Indonesia require software that is capable of handling the rigors of complex structures to produce accurate and reliable mine planning calculations and designs.

MineScape was introduced to the Indonesian mining scene over 20 years ago to help address these challenges. It has since become the mine planning software of choice by almost 200 coal mining companies across the archipelago.

Mining data is an important fundamental for producing geological models that provide an accurate picture of the mine. Given the important role of mining data, the data must be stored and managed properly and correctly.

One of MineScape’s plugin is the MineScape GDB (geological database) that provides access for geologists to maintain the vast amount of data required to create accurate and reliable models by utilising the powerful storage system. By using the GDB module, the geologist team can easily correlate seams (especially newly encountered seams). It also effectively protects against data corruption and illegal accesses.

Because it is easy to learn and use, our clients’ geologists have relied on MineScape to maintain geological database and build models. MineScape provide clients advanced CAD features and a sophisticated 3D graphics engine to easily do reverse model verifications, actual versus model with MineScape Stratmodel.

The Stratmodel module provides a sophisticated working environment, where stratigraphic deposits are modelled to represent the local geology with drill holes as the basic data. The expansion of a geological model requires regular updating of the model. MineScape Stratmodel provides client features to update the model with actual survey progress and additional structure data of mining area, such as washout, faulting, etc.

Through the use of comprehensive modular sets, MineScape is capable of seamlessly integrating the information flows between all mining activities. The Stratmodel module provides easy resourcing processes that directly refer to the geological and quality database models.

Nowadays, Stratmodel has resource classification features that provide automatic tools in generating resource influence polygons for multiple seams to replace the manual technics. With this feature, we can automatically produce inferred, indicated, and measured polygons without involving any manual processes. All of these polygons can be directly processed in resource calculations.

Less time is required to build geological models and to do reporting. MineScape maximises integration within all mine planning and streamlined engineering processes. These time and process efficiencies enable companies to improve productivity and bottom-line profit.

Because it is one integrated system, MineScape offers integration between modules ranging from database creation to the mine design planning process, so that the mine planning work process will be much faster. With the speed of the mine planning process, productivity increases, optimising profits for the company.

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