Employee Benefits and Why They Matter

According to the WHO, more than half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to healthcare. And in a world still gripped by COVID-19, that means an unprecedented level of uncertainty and unrest. People need help, and they need to know that they are cared for. And what better way to care than to provide access to healthcare?

At Mitrais, we look after new and current employees by extending wellness services that cover preventive and curative ailments. Why? Because we firmly believe in cultivating a safe, employee-centric workplace.

Here’s a closer look at how we serve our employees.

Why Join Mitrais?

Career advancement isn’t just about bagging the right designation and package. It’s about aligning yourself with a company whose vision and mission match yours. So how do you sort through potential employers and find the right fit for you? By checking if they offer employee benefits. After all, a company that genuinely cares about its people will invest in their future.

At Mitrais, we take pride in the services we select for our staff’s physical and mental wellness. In February 2021, we introduced the psychotherapy treatment initiative to support our employees’ mental well-being. This service encourages employees to seek help discreetly from a trusted psychologist and psychiatrist.

Besides being part of a team that embraces inclusivity, a shared vision, and equal opportunities at Mitrais, you will also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered by dependable, highly reputable health insurance.

Health Insurance Benefits for Employees

It’s important to have health insurance to avoid mounting medical bills and expenses that can eat into your savings. To ensure our employees have the best possible care, Mitrais offers two kinds of health insurance covers—BPJS Kesehatan (a universal health coverage provider for Indonesian citizens) and private health insurance with coverage of inpatient & outpatient.

Let’s take a look at the services covered by Mitrais private health insurance for the employees:

Cashless Transactions 

Members can opt for cashless transactions at certain network/provider hospitals as stated by the health insurance terms. In case employees visit a non-provider hospital, the health insurance offers a reimbursement facility. 

Exclusive Telemedicine Services

Mitrais employees can take advantage of telemedicine services that make consultations and treatments hassle-free. These services are charged to their outpatients’ benefits.

Services include:

  • Consultations with a dedicated general practitioner;
  • Cashless prescription purchases;
  • T&C and policy apply.

Vaccine-Related Benefits

  • Vaccine cover without age limitation;
  • Vaccine cover is not limited to the type being administered;
  • Vaccine services extended to both staff and dependants.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Mitrais private health insurance also provides additional services of medical evacuation and repatriation.

Services include:

  • Medical consultation, evaluation, and referral;
  • Medical evacuation;
  • Medical repatriation;
  • Return of mortal remains;
  • Travel related assistance.

Mitrais believes that the health of its employees is the driving force of its success. That’s why our team constantly adapts and innovates company practices to create a space that puts Mitrais staff first. Joining Mitrais will help you stay prepared for any situation.

We invite professionals with relevant expertise to come forward and experience the world of Mitrais. You get to be part of the #MitraisLife and join our family of leaders and go-getters!


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