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Mitrais Continuous Commitment to Employee’s Wellness

Investing in employee health benefits is an essential part of the needs of the company to improve employee quality of life and a healthy working environment, especially during this pandemic.

Mitrais is well-known for creating a work environment that offers various benefits to support employee wellness. There are three types of wellness benefits offered by Mitrais, which cover both the preventive and curative: a very well-known international private health insurance which provides flexibility for employees and covers spouse as well as up to three children, the BPJS Kesehatan (Indonesia Social Security Administrator for Health), and an additional benefit which eases employees by supporting their other health needs, currently not covered by the private health insurance. This benefit covers several treatments such as Periodic Medical Check-Up, Dental treatment, Prenatal and Post Natal, Maternity, Optical, Vaccination, and Mobility Aids.

Moreover, with the pandemic still co-existing, health plays a vital role and gets so much attention, especially in the ‘new normal’ era. Mitrais was quick to adapt to this current situation, not only focusing on the working environment but also on the health care system by extending additional coverage on coronavirus check-ups, such as Swab PCR Test and Rapid Test. Furthermore, for the company to know the needs and to continuously support the employees, Mitrais surveys regularly to monitor the program as part of the improvement.

Despite that, Mitrais has several approaches to maintaining the wellness of its employees, amongst others are by facilitating social club activities and having a fruit day. Although some of these club activities have to adjust or transform their routines to follow the health protocol during the pandemic, the spirit of keeping ourselves fit stays.

“It is health, that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

Mahatma Gandhi

Are you currently looking for a place to work that pays attention to employee wellness? Then Mitrais will be the suitable one for you. Mitrais is opening opportunities for you to join and be part of #MitraisLife. Click #JoinMitrais below for more details. Stay healthy!

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