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21 Apr 2018

Three Dimensions of Hospital Performance (Part 1)

Different hospitals have different perspectives on 'performance' depending on factors such as location (urban or rural/remote), organisation type, funding and service mix. While the specific measures of performance may vary, all hospitals have three key dimensions of performance.

Success Stories - K2Fly Limited Engaged with Mitrais in Developing Its ADAM Web Platform1

Success Stories

13 Apr 2018

K2Fly Limited Engaged with Mitrais in Developing Its ADAM Web Platform

Mitrais worked to upgrade and to improve K2Fly Limited ADAM web platform and brought it up to date with the latest technology evolution.

Success Stories - A Bright Future for Workforce Management1

Success Stories

26 Mar 2018

A Bright Future for Workforce Management

Mitrais has been working with Bright Technologies in developing Cited, Bright's online platform to manage worker authenticity.

Success Stories - Product Upgrades and New Capabilities in RYCO Hydraulics' RAM Digital Platform1

Success Stories

16 Mar 2018

Product Upgrades and New Capabilities in RYCO Hydraulics' RAM Digital Platform

RYCO Hydraulics works with Mitrais to equip RYCO Asset Management digital platform with new capabilities of manufacturing asset and customer service location which help customers locate the nearest RYCO 24/7 for service

News & Updates - React Redux Connect in State Management1

News & Updates

21 Feb 2018

React Redux Connect in State Management

What is the strong point of React Redux connect in term of React's state management? Mitrais' programmer gives short introduction on Redux. Find out more in the following article.

News & Updates - Mitrais Boot Camp Software Training1

News & Updates

19 Feb 2018

Mitrais Boot Camp Software Training

Mitrais has created Boot Camp Software Training for all its software engineers. The 3 stage Boot Camp Training Programme is based on trainee's background to personalise their training and to fill gaps in their knowledge. Get the full article here.

News & Updates - React Native vs Ionic 1

News & Updates

15 Feb 2018

React Native vs Ionic

Let's take a look at the comparison of React Native vs Ionic. Mitrais' Programmer lists down the strengths, differences, and benefits of these top 2 hybrid frameworks. Take a look at the full report here.

News & Updates - Mitrais' High Quality Code1

News & Updates

09 Feb 2018

Mitrais' High Quality Code

In Mitrais, we aim for consistency across the whole codebase. Therefore Mitrais created coding standard based on current best practices in software engineering. Read on to know more about our high quality code standard.

News & Updates - SharePoint Office 365 Automated Workflow with Microsoft Flow1

News & Updates

08 Feb 2018

SharePoint Office 365 Automated Workflow with Microsoft Flow

SharePoint is a great platform to collaborate, manage and store content and documents. This time, Mitrais' Analyst Programmer shares the comfort of operating SharePoint Office 365 automated workflow with Microsoft Flow. Read the complete article here.

News & Updates - Breaking Complexity Using Domain-Driven Design1

News & Updates

07 Feb 2018

Breaking Complexity Using Domain-Driven Design

Being a central element to software design, domain modelling allows software developers to express rich functionality and to serve what users need. Mitrais' Analyst shares how domain-driven design can deliver high value, both strategically and tactically. Read on to find out more.