Front-end Web Developer 101

Nowadays, websites play a crucial role in our lives. Websites are designed to have a graphical user interface (GUI) so that even inexperienced users can quickly and conveniently interact with the websites and do all of the above with a few clicks. Find out about what a front-end web developer is, why we should become one, and the technologies used for front-end web development in this article!

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Offshoring Helps Oniqua to Escalate Its Production & Service

An organization must have clear and concise objectives when managing contracted IT projects on an ongoing basis. Says Col Rae from Oniqua, an international company which specializes in enterprise analytics and asset performance management.


New KMS Version Released! Integrated, End-to-end Hospital Information System

Ksatria announces the release of KMS, an end-to-end hospital information system (HIS) that can integrate all the hospital processes starting from registration, clinical process up to back office processes.


CRM Helps FinancialLine to Grow

Peter Sarai knew that he would have to use the latest technology platform to build a customer relationship management (CRM) system that would embody industry-leading practices and support the scalable expansion of FinancialLine, the financial planning group of which he is managing director.


Mitrais Special Report: Internet of Things

IoT Development Platforms Compared - 7 Leading Brands Analysed! Click here for the full details!


Effective Use of Offshore Development Companies

What are the pros and cons of engaging Offshore Development Centres in different parts of the world? Find out here!


The 3rs of Offshoring Software Development

Having problems in managing your offshore software development team? Get our tips on how to optimize engagement!


Metrics Collection and Post Mortem Analysis

Mitrais' metrics and post mortem analysis over the years has compiled several pointers to successful software development projects. Get them now!


Agworld Employs Mitrais to Free Up Experts for Precision Agriculture Services Development

Agworld engaged Mitrais to take care of their products maintenance and enhancements, while their team improves and expands the products features to bring more value to their customers without compromising their service standard

Case Study - Red Rain

Cloud Based Web Collaborator – Red Rain Corporation

Launched in February 2019, Red Rain’s Cloud-Based product Web Collaborator has been enthusiastically received by Law Firms in Australia. Red Rain’s Director Alan Fisher describes the software as the perfect tool for existing LEAP Legal Software users to provide the same type of web access capability that Australia’s largest law firms provide their clients.

Case Study - Talent2

Case Study: Talent 2

Talent2 has engaged Mitrais to build a payroll system specifically designed for businesses in the APAC region, providing a single, integrated payroll platform. PeoplePay will use the latest cutting-edge technologies to be a system with multi-country and multi-lingual processing capabilities, as well as single or multiple currency outputs. Meaning it will be an exceptional tool for companies that work across countries and need to adapt to differing legislative and compliance regulations.

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