Mitrais Rated as Top Indonesian IT Company to Work at

Mitrais is rated in the top 5 Indonesian IT & telecommunication companies to work for, according to Qerja.com. On a separate occasion,  Jobplanet also places Mitrais within the ten best Indonesian companies in terms of work and life balance.

The two websites are communities where employees can share their working experience and opinions on their employers. Their compiled reviews have greatly contributed to Mitrais’ ranking in Qerja.com and Jobplanet.

The results reflect employees’ satisfaction and the measurement includes but is not limited to factors such as the compensation and benefits, career development opportunities, work-life balance, as well as the company’s values, cultures and management style.

Mitrais endeavours to provide the best working environment for our employees that is also conducive to their personal and career development.

Mitrais has a comprehensive competency system and staff are encouraged to continually assess their competence, Business English classes are one of the many business and training courses offered at Mitrais. By taking the offered classes and online learning offerings, staff can improve their capabilities and advance their career easily.

Mitrais work-life balance

Company-endorsed social clubs cater to the staff’s interest in activities like badminton, snorkelling, futsal and other hobbies. Through these clubs Mitrais staff can share their talent and passion with people of similar interest within the company, strengthening the bond between staff. Mitrais also regularly schedule fun outing that serves as teambuilding sessions in all our offices.

We would like to thank all our staff for their endorsement and contribution that make our working place feel less like an office and more of a second home.


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