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Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) Now Supports BPJS Integration to Improve Hospitals’ Service Efficiency

One of the major benefits that Indonesian hospitals can enjoy recently from the Ksatria Medical Systems (KMS) is its capability to integrate with the Indonesian government mandated Healthcare Social Security System (BPJS)’ applications: Eligibilitas Peserta (SEP) that validates patient’s BPJS membership, and Case Base Groups (INACBG) that collects and submits the data required to claim the insurance for services rendered.

BPJS is a universal health scheme rolled out by the Indonesian government in cooperation with the public and private hospitals in the country to provide every Indonesian citizen with proper healthcare services. The introduction of SEP and INACBG translates to double work for hospitals that employs their own hospital information system (HIS), as the staff have to enter the same information – the patient’s data and the services they use – twice into three separate systems.

To respond to this challenge, KMS now supports the ability to integrate with BPJS applications using web services framework. Through the web-based interface, hospital staffs only need to enter the data once and the integrated system will automatically distribute the information into the appropriate sections of the hospitals’ HIS and the BPJS-mandated applications. This improvement significantly reduces patient service time and ensures neat recording of BPJS’ services rendered billing and insurance claim.

No double-entry is required after the integration, meaning it cuts down the time needed to enter the patient’s data during registration and the details and cost of services rendered. Allowing hospital to serve more patients in the same amount of time.

The integration prevents disparity in the data inputted into the applications due to human error. It also makes the billing process and insurance claim process easier and neater.

The BPJS integration capability has been successfully implemented in PT Freeport Indonesia’s hospital. The hospital is now enjoying a system that streamlines three separate applications, increasing efficiency in time, operational as well as service management, hence improving the hospital’s overall productivity.

“Mitrais is in touch with the development and needs of Indonesian healthcare industry and we strive to provide the best solution to help hospitals with their everyday tasks,” Handi Ferryandi, Mitrais’ Sales Director said. “The BPJS integration in KMS is a strong example of our dedication to support Indonesian hospitals with HIS, but it is hardly the only one.”

In addition to the BPJS integration capability, KMS HIS, is also equipped with built-in finance system, better clinical functions, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), and more sophisticated integration modules. KMS is now an end-to-end HIS covering all hospital process starting from registration, clinical process up to back office processes.

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