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Spry Scheduler Introduced to Future Mining Professionals

In December, Mitrais’ sales manager Aditya Ari Marindra became a guest lecturer in a workshop for mining scheduling at the Trisakti University, Jakarta, as a part of Mitrais’ cooperation with Indonesian universities to encourage the growth of high quality graduates for the mining industry.

Aditya explained the mining process with emphasize on the scheduling process, in particular how to take advantage of technological advancement and use mining software to produce the best, fastest and most accurate mining schedule. In this instance, the Spry Scheduler.

He demonstrated how the fully featured mine scheduling solution, Spry Scheduler has the capability to analyze and simulate different mining and haulage scenarios based on the perimeters entered by the user. The simulations are presented using attractive and easy to understand 3D graphics. Aditya also explained the reporting feature of the Spry Scheduler and how easily it extracts the required information in the desired format, be it graphs or table.

Aditya presentation at Trisakti University

Another advantage of the Spry Scheduler is its capability to fully integrate with MineScape, the leading mine planning software that is popular among Indonesian mining companies.

“The students were very attentive and active. They asked many insightful questions,” Aditya commented, happy to see such eagerness in the future mining professional.

Trisakti University is one of the many educational institutes that Mitrais has collaborated with over the years and by far, will not be the last one.

Senior manager of exploration & mine planning solutions Ida Farida who accompanied Aditya during the trip stated, “We hope that our collaboration with the universities will continue so that Mitrais can keep contributing to the community. It is a great honour to take part in shaping a better generation of mining professionals.”

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