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Yin and Yang: Rani Suryaningsih Draws Her Work-Life Balance

What kind of work do you gravitate towards in these challenging times? Your answer might be that work satisfies your soul and positively enhances your lifestyle. Unfortunately, not many companies offer opportunities to work from home, time flexibility, or a health benefits package that frees you from worries about medical bills.

Rani Suryaningsih understands the difficulty: her love of running encompasses marathons and trail running while finding a company that allows her to continue this hobby was a challenge.

Since joining Mitrais in 2019 as a Training and Development Facilitator, Rani has been easily balancing work, personal interests, and hobbies. Flexible working hours means she can fill her days with more than just work; she can bake delicious treats, go for a run, and gaze at the sunset, all while maintaining peak productivity.

Working in Mitrais has also given her many opportunities to continue learning on the job, particularly teaching online. When the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, she grew very comfortable with teaching online—a skill that was developed out of necessity, but is now the norm across many professional settings.

Mitrais Helps You Grow and Stay Healthy

Mitrais has always focused on the health and well-being of its employees, providing benefits with BPJS Kesehatan (Indonesia Social Security Administrator for Health) and additional health insurance through Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) and Flexy Health Benefit (FHB) that include regular medical checkups, dental, optical, maternity, mobility aids, mental health, and vaccination coverage for all staff and their dependents. Since the pandemic, Mitrais included cashless medicine purchases and consultations with a dedicated general practitioner, which the insurance company will cover through their outpatient benefits.

Having Mitrais taking care of insurance for her health, Rani is freed to look for activities that would give her clarity and things she could do to relax. To let her hair down, Rani loves reading and binge-watching her favorite films and TV series. Meanwhile, to help her with clarity, running is her go-to that works every time.  

“Running is one of the things that I do to keep me sane.”  

With lockdowns worldwide, Rani had to explore how she could run and work at home. So, she bought a treadmill. “I could just do running on a treadmill during the first year of the pandemic,” she said and had to adjust her schedule.  

Mitrais’s work-at-home flexi-time policy allowed Rani to set a schedule suitable for her working peak hours and healthier outlook: “I like running after working hours because it did improve my sleep quality.” 

Build the Life You Want with Mitrais

Rani is looking forward to opportunities for professional and personal development. With an English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) certification from Cambridge already under her belt, she is excited to pursue her next dream: a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA).  

“The most important thing here is to make sure that you can make the most of your day to reach your fullest potential, not only thinking about the work the whole day; but also, doing things for yourself. I think managing your task is the key,” Rani says. Mitrais gives her the opportunity to chase her goals even in challenging times.  

Mitrais gives people room to grow and build the life they want. And just like Rani, the company is open to individuals who wish to pursue their dreams and continue their learning journey.  

If you are interested in what Mitrais can offer and wish to draw your dream life like Rani, explore our website to learn more and #JoinMitrais! 

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