Mitrais Open Forums Goes Ahead Despite COVID-19

In response to feedback from staff via the regular staff survey program, Mitrais implemented our Open Forum events from January 2019. The Open Forums, which typically take place 3-4 times in every year, are another opportunity for Mitrais Management to interact directly with Mitrais staff. The Forums are a great platform for conveying organisational updates to all staff in real-time and affording everyone the chance to raise any questions or concerns that they may have directly with management to get the answers they would like immediately where possible. All staff are invited, and while not compulsory, everyone is encouraged to take part.

With the changes that the international COVID-19 situation has forced on business world-wide, it was more important than ever that the Open Forum scheduled for March 2020 go ahead. As Mitrais has rapidly transitioned to an overwhelmingly Work-from-Home (WFH) model, there were bound to be lots of questions and comments regarding these changes, and it was vital that the communications channels within Mitrais stayed open and operational.

So, on 19 March, Mitrais’ Open Forum went ahead in an entirely online manner. Using Zoom collaboration software, a record 309 staff came together from their bases in Indonesian, Japan, Vietnam and Australia in an interactive event co-hosted by President Director Wiwie Harris and VP Software Development, Gusti Putu Kompiang.

Although we covered a lot of topics, COVID-19 measures and Mitrais’ evolving WFH arrangements unsurprisingly dominated the discussions, and many staff asked great questions regarding the details that resulted in a very productive discussion. The opportunity was a perfect one for clarifying changed policies, dispelling some misinterpretations and misunderstandings, and drilling down into the detail of how work life in a post-virus world will actually work. As well as answering questions, the Forum raised some action items for management to address and clarify based on the questions asked. A big thanks is owed to everyone who contributed so fully to the event.

It was impressive to see such a large and international group come together so seamlessly to be involved in an open, productive and interactive discussion, despite the social isolation necessary given the circumstances. As an organisation that has been a tireless champion of the advantages of geographically diverse teams, it is another example of Mitrais “walking the walk” as well as just “talking the talk”, and the forum’s success is a credit to all involved.

We now look forward to the next forum, knowing that whatever the situation, we can make it happen.


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