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Mitrais Innov4thon 2021: Ignite Creativity and Innovation from Home

At Mitrais, ideas for innovations are not only encouraged but also nurtured. Recently, despite the pandemic, Mitrais has held the most anticipated event of the year called Mitrais Innov4thon 2021: an annual event where the employees have a chance to unleash their creativity and compete as a team to prove which team was the most innovative. This year they competed to win a total prize of IDR 100 million. With the event held fully online; it was even more festive than before as non-Mitrais staff also took part in it. Attended by more than 500 staff across the region, the disco-themed grand finale was jammed-packed with amusements.

Five leading figures from Mitrais were involved as mentors in this 4th Innovathon: Irianto Kusumadjaja – Commissioner, Wiwie Harris – President Director, Made Setiadi – Senior Manager, Freddi Muliantono – Engagement Manager and Rendi Akhmad -Technology Evangelist. This time, in addition to the judges, all attendees also voted to determine the winners.

Undoubtedly, the teams who emerged on top had the most unique and carefully structured ideas. Lokaria, the first-place team, is an online platform that offers a list of crafting classes with healing value through a supportive community. In the 2nd place, TripBareng.id provides a solution to those craving great open trips. Ruminantia comes in 3rd place with a mission to build a one-stop-shopping for farmers to earn profits from their livestock business. With an app called MIVIS, which aims to give a hassle-free, paperless way to claim insurance with AI, GIFT team is in 4th place. The consolation prize is rewarded to two teams, Om Nom and Fn+F12. Om Nom develops Cookumi, a cooking buddy app to make cooking easy and fun. Fn+F12 brings the idea of a subscriptions management tool to avoid missing subscription due dates.

Unlike any other innovation event, Mitrais’ Innovathon nurtures the ideas of its semi-finalists by providing mentoring sessions. This year was special as two external coaches were invited: Irving Hutagalung – Senior Cloud Solution Architect of Microsoft Indonesia, and Doddy Lukito – Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of Halodoc. Before the grand finale, the fifteen semi-finalists worked closely with their chosen mentors to refine their ideas. “Having Ibu Wiwie Harris as our mentor was indeed a precious opportunity where we learned a lot about creativity and critical thinking identifying. We then evaluated components of LOKARIA’s business model and implemented the ideas on parts that needed improvements,” admitted LOKARIA team as the 1st winner.

A similar comment came from TripBareng.id team, the 2nd winner. “The mentoring session with Pak Made Setiadi pushed us to think beyond the boundary. The feedback from him as business expert gave us more insights and practical steps in the business perspectives.” The perks of competing in Innovathon is not merely the prize, but also the learning benefit that lasts for a lifetime. LOKARIA team revealed, “Mitrais’ Innov4thon taught us to compensate our weaknesses with effective strategies. We exercised solid teamwork and learned about product branding and storytelling techniques to ensure that our message was delivered well. For instance, building the financial projection was really challenging, but we decided to accept this challenge by collecting the vocabulary and learning it from zero. We believe this is going to be worth it for our personal and professional development.”

In addition, TripBareng.id team said, “Our team consists of technical people, and we might be able to create a wonderful application. However, it would be nothing if it couldn’t generate revenues. During the Innov4thon, we’ve learned a lot about the business model, the marketing strategy, etc. beyond technical things that we usually face in our day-to-day job. We believe it will be very useful for us, not only for the sake of this competition but for our careers in the future.”

Do you have any potential ideas that you want to bring to life? Are you eager to work closely with and learn from reputable mentors in their field of expertise? Join Mitrais today and be part of next year’s Innovathon to reap the professional development benefits and, of course, the rewards.

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