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Mitrais Brings Home-Office Setup to the Next Level

“I’ve got a theory: if you love your workspace, you’ll love your work a little more”

Cynthia Rowley

If this is your first time to have been upset about not having a ready-to-go workstation at home, you are not alone. Unexpectedly shifting the working mood from the office building to a new environment, that may not lend itself to productivity, should not be easy for some employees. We should be able to create clear-cut boundaries to keep the balance between being professional at work and life, as well as to adapt to our working space at home. Is it too extra to invest in a dedicated home office space to boost our productivity?

Realizing that most of the staff are facing challenges with their working space at home, Mitrais organized a special edition for the October virtual Happy Hour. As the embodiment of its continuous staff support, Mitrais invited a professional interior designer, Rica Ishak, to deliver a mini-workshop. In her talk about How to Design an Efficient and Comfortable Office Space at Home, she explained that creating a different atmosphere between the working space and other spaces at home is essential. Besides, considering the purpose of the home office, it should also include having easy access to our working equipment from the desk. During her talk, this talented designer also mentioned some criteria that determine the home office comforts which will affect our result delivery, such as location, aesthetics, ergonomics, arrangement, lighting, and maintenance. After attending this enlightening session, everyone has learned that creating an efficient and comfortable office space at home is not too much, but a valuable investment.

The virtual happy hour special edition was even more spectacular when Mitrais’ Vice President, Gusti Putu Kompiang, announced a surprise to all staff at the end of the session. He asked the employees not to worry about making their dream home office come true as Mitrais had prepared a special allowance that supports the improvement of their workstation at home. All attendees applauded and rushed to the chatbox sending a thank-you message to the management. Now, the employees are getting their home office furniture, equipment, and accessories shopping list checked!

So, don’t miss having your own dedicated workspace for your working from home. What are you waiting for? Mitrais is currently opening opportunities for you to be part of #MitraisLife. Click #JoinMitrais below for more details.

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