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Deni Verantika on Improving the Mining Industry with SPRY

What comes to your mind when stumbling upon the word “mining”? Is it soil under the piercing sun, fading cloud of dust that reveals unearthed minerals, and heavy machinery roaring in the background? Well, most people picture that scene when they hear the very word, but that does not depict the entire story. The mining process stretches from thorough planning, scheduling, and execution to contingency plans. Behind many contented smiles of successful mining companies, there is one go-to person from Mitrais: Deni Verantika, the company’s Business Development Consultant. Specializing in the mining industry, Deni has helped make mining procedures easy and effective with SPRY Scheduler, a mining software offered by Mitrais. This article gives you a closer look at Deni’s competencies, experiences and aspirations that fuel his role as a trusted mining and business development consultant in Mitrais.

Skyrocketing Career

The energetic, approachable, and competent Deni jump-started his career at Mitrais as a Mining Consultant in 2018. After two years, with his convincing performance, he received a responsibility as a Business Development Consultant, where he approaches prospective clients, delivers presentations, and seals deals while still being an expert mining consultant for SPRY Scheduler.

His prior seven-year experience as a Mining Engineer and a Mine Plan Engineer gave path to his speedy career progress. With a master’s degree in Energy Security and a Primary Operational Supervisor certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the sporty consultant has rock-solid ground, making him reputable personnel in his field. 

Changes and Challenges

While the challenge as a Mining Consultant is answering technical issues inquiries from clients, the challenge of being a Business Development Consultant lies in the different procedures and responsibilities.

“Converting my way of thinking from a technical to a sales point of view was not easy at the beginning. And convincing prospective clients to use our product without any intimidation was the biggest challenge. Hence, I needed to fully understand the ins and outs of our product.”

Fortunately, the company provides in-house technical training opportunities. “Mitrais equipped me with sales and technical training that enhanced my competence. Also, we receive a free Business English Communication course that makes dealing with international clients a breeze,” added Deni.

The consultant who loves to spend his time in nature concluded, “I made the right decision to expand my career in Mitrais, a settled and worldwide IT company.”

A Lifelong Learner

To achieve success, Deni advised other aspiring consultants to step out of their comfort zone and embrace being a lifelong learner, “Don’t be afraid to learn something new. It’s only a matter of time until you become an expert. Prepare yourself as best you can, and never stop learning. Also, be proud of yourself, acknowledge your milestone from time to time, and stay humble.”

Winning Clients Hearts

It is no doubt that Deni is a people person, an attribute that frames his role as a Business Development Consultant perfectly. “I enjoy meeting new people with different personalities and backgrounds. Travelling to new places and savouring new ambiance where duty calls give me dopamine rush,” disclosed the foodie gym goer.

To approach and maintain a long-term partnership with clients from the mining industry, Deni firmly believes in the powerful and lasting impact of a method called P2CD, which stands for Politeness, Comfort, Clarity, and Dependency. “Deliver your presentation to your prospective clients with full respect and without rushing or pressuring them, so they will feel comfortable and be open to receiving your message. Always send clear information about the product. And lastly, be ready to support your clients when they face any issue with the product. Your reliability will sow a seed of trust that lasts a lifetime.”

Upcoming SPRY Webinar

Deni Verantika will present an online SPRY webinar on “How to Build Accurate Mine Scheduling to Counter the Monsoon Climate Factors” in early October 2022. If you are looking for a mining model that integrates delay factors to create a more accurate and flexible mining schedule with technology, then this is the golden chance to do so. Register now to secure your seat and #JointheSPRYwebinar.

Author: English Trainer Team

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