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Afternoon Tea Time: Keeping in Touch While Brushing up on Your English

Language is the “infinite use of finite means”

– Wilhelm von Humboldt

Is it not enjoyable to learn and practice what you learn?

– Confucius

Mitrais is an IT industry leader with high-end international clients. Based on its client network, the company and its staff use English to communicate daily. To this end, the company is well vested in harnessing and developing the English-speaking skills of its employees. At Mitrais, employees’ growth and development are a top priority. This is shown by the company’s hosting the Afternoon Tea Time Session, also known as ATT, for its employees to improve their English-speaking skills. It’s one of the programs provided by the Business Communication Team under the Talent Acquisition and Development Division.

The ATT session is a 30-minute friendly chit-chat in English after office hours. It’s designed to be an opportunity for all Mitrais employees to practice their English skills in a relaxing and engaging atmosphere. While learning and practicing their English, the ATT session also serves as an avenue for employees to meet and greet virtually.

Mitrais is proud of the zeal and dedication shown by its employees during these ATT sessions. The improvement rate of employees’ English-speaking skills is high. Each session always brings something new, fun, and fresh to the table as participants demonstrate tremendous improvements in the English practice every session.

As a company that is dedicated to supporting its employees’ all-round development in their work with international clients, Mitrais is committed to doing whatever it takes in ensuring that its employees get the best training and motivations they need to become better versions of themselves. This commitment has clearly been shown in the welfare and health packages and programs sponsored by Mitrais for its employees. Now, the ATT session is another milestone that confirms just how far Mitrais is willing to go to ensure that its employees get the best.

At Mitrais, you get to display your exceptionality while developing your creativity and talent. If you are a talented and knowledgeable person with a passion for technology, then Mitrais is the perfect place for you. Join us today to explore unending opportunities to boost your skills and creativity in the world of technology.

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