Implementing Golang API Documentation Using Go Swagger Infographic

As a developer, we are already aware of the importance of documenting and organizing all the API's; but not every developer enjoys the documentation part of the job. The best way to assist us is to use a tool that can automatically prepare API documentation, and Swagger is the ideal tool for this purpose. Read this article to learn more!

Balancing Agile with Serious Security Considerations

Security in software development can no longer be a “nice to have” or an afterthought. Security must be front of mind whenever we are producing software solutions, whether that be in PWA, Desktop software solutions or mobile apps. We know that there is a rise in ransomware and cyber-attacks, and we often hear about data leaks, even from organisations that hold the most sensitive of data. Check out this infographic to learn more!

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The Easy Way to Use Redux Toolkit in React Infographic

Web development is moving so fast nowadays; technology is rapidly improving, and many innovations are being developed to help us get our work done more quickly and efficiently. We can use many libraries or frameworks to build web-based applications and tools such as React, Redux, and Redux ToolKit. Learn more about Redux Toolkit in this infographic!

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The Importance of Mine Scheduling in the Mining Process

Mine scheduling is an essential aspect of the mining process and by properly sequencing operations and assigning equipment, production targets can be met efficiently. Read this infographic to take a look into the mining process and explore the importance of mine scheduling in achieving optimal results!

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Top 5 Benefits of Using BLoC Pattern

Using BLoC Pattern for Flutter is one of the easiest solutions to keep your code organized, clean, and manageable. Read more about the benefits of using BLoC pattern in this infographic!

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The Pros and Cons of TypeScript

Typescript now belongs amongst the Top 10 Most Wanted programming languages. It chosen by Google to build Angular, and maintains products like Asana and Slack, showing that TypeScript is ready to play with the big guns in the field. But why should you get on the TypeScript Train? Learn more in this infographic.

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Rainfall Implementation on Dewatering Scheduling Simulation

To achieve the production target, a rainfall dataset must be used in the dewatering scheduling simulation. It will build a highly accurate scheduling model that contains all actual situations and parameters. Find out more in this article.

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Microservices vs. Monolithic Architecture

Evolving technologies impact the way that we build software applications. Tech giants like Netflix, Google and Amazon have all made the switch successfully from a monolithic architecture to Microservices – but is this the best way for you to develop and deploy your next project? See more in this infographic.

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5 Key Differences Between a Project Manager and Scrum Master

With the rise in the uptake of Agile methodologies in software development, many see the traditional role of a Project manager slipping in favour of the Scrum Master, or the person running the Agile Software Development Team. But what are truly the key differences between the two roles? See more in this infographic.

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Bridge Material Rehandling in SPRY Scheduler

The bridge material rehandling matters in building a scheduling model. A good setup of bridge rehandling will be beneficial to achieve the production target in each scheduling model period.

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