The Pros and Cons of TypeScript

While JavaScript is still far from the best-designed programming language, the advent of TypeScript has advanced its usability immensely, particularly for large-scale applications. TypeScript now belongs amongst the Top 10 Most Wanted programming languages, and was originally designed to bring productivity, reliability, and predictability to JavaScript. It chosen by Google to build Angular, and maintains products like Asana and Slack, showing that TypeScript is ready to play with the big guns in the field.

But why should you get on the TypeScript Train? Here’s our top 5 Pro’s and Con’s (plus some cheeky dev tips along the way!) so you can decide whether TypeScript is the right model for your next build.

*Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JavaScript’ Zheng Gao and Earl T. Barr from University College London, and Christian Bird from Microsoft Research

So, should you get on the TypeScript Train or not?

TypeScript has been described as one of the best things to happen to JavaScript, and if you’re working on a large-scale project, we can certainly see why. Choose the right tool for the job. TypeScript continues to evolve and as Microsoft continues to iron out bugs and implement critical fixes, the language is sure to improve with time.

If your development team does not have the JavaScript or TypeScript expertise, Mitrais are a software development partner with hands-on experience in both languages. Whether you’re wanting to migrate an existing JavaScript application to TypeScript for long term maintenance or looking to start a completely new piece of software, we want to be on your team. Get in touch below.

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