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Virtual Team Building Games with Tons of Laughs and Giggles

Friday is the day to kick off the weekend and have some fun! On Friday, 29th of October 2021, the Marketing team held a virtual team building event to mark a good start. The objective was to get to know each other through games, laugh, and ultimately feel closer as a team. With the camera and mic on, the event went casual and direct as if they were in the same room.

Scavenger Hunt

The gathering started at nine o’clock on the dot with this exciting game as a warmer. A word for an object was shown, then everyone had to bring it in front of the camera in just 20 seconds. If a player fails to do so, they must turn off the camera for the next few rounds, meaning they have smaller chances of winning. This game sounded like a piece of cake but with the word ‘spoon’, the simulation was already challenging. With only a New York minute, it became the toughest kitchen run ever for them. The following words such as socks, instant noodles, TV or AC remote control, and shampoo didn’t make the game any easier. The game went even wilder as the time limit was reduced to 10 seconds towards the end of the round. It was the perfect game to make everyone feel excited and awake.

This is Me

The second game explored the team’s likes and dislikes. A few days before the event, everyone had been asked to send submit the information via email. Throughout the game, they took turns reading them aloud, and some unique hobbies were brought to light. The Growth Marketing Manager, Pradikta Dwi Anthony, considers keeping himself busy as an enjoyable hobby. And Nurvianti Kemala, the Email Marketing Specialist, is a movie and Korean dramas’ junkie. The Senior Marketing Manager, Chandra Chipta, expressed his big no to anything slow, including slow-paced movies. He’s all down with people who have a ‘can-do attitude. “I’m a fan of people who are actionable, who try to put the best effort they can to achieve what they want, instead of right away saying ‘I can’t do it,” he said. There is no winning or losing for this game. It was more of an icebreaker to get to know each other better as well as to strengthen interpersonal ties and relationships.

Who Am I?

The next game was super fun; we had to guess the ID of each team member based on the clue given. Some traits stood out so much that they were no trouble at all too easy to guess who it was. Meanwhile, it is a hard guess when the trait is a commonly shared one during the second game. For example, as noodles were one of the most common favourite food in the Marketing team, the clue helped nothing. In the end, Anindya Pradnya Paramitha from Growth Marketing and I Made Trisna Dewantha from Design failed to guess correctly. Singing a song as a punishment felt like it was no big deal anymore when everyone started singing along! After this identity revealing game, everyone had a feeling that they knew each other inside out.


Familiar with the famous games, Among us and Werewolf? The last activity involved a similar game application called Undercover. This activity wishes to jog the team’s creativity in being descriptive when dealing with an issue, in this case, to identify the impostors. With four impostors, the rest would need to speculate who the impostors are before making a guess. The very first word thrown to them was ‘Pikachu’ which should be described as furry, lightning, thunder, cute, and bouncy. However, one impostor came out with orange, while the other said yellow to confuse others. Many of the players were ‘accused’ incorrectly of being the impostors, and they were then ‘shot dead’, meaning they could no longer take part in the game. In the end, the last impostor guessed the word accurately, which sealed a victorious win.

Overall, the Marketing virtual team building event for sure qualifies as a successful squad goal, as everyone had some fun quality time, felt relaxed, and more importantly, the team were given the opportunity to bond. It was full of laughter that brought the spirit up for the rest of the workday. Have your team had engaging online team building before? Don’t miss the hype! Share the best moment on your social media and don’t forget to mention us.

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