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The Innovathon 5 Winners’ Unforgettable Trip to The Land of The Rising Sun

The winners of Mitrais Innovathon 5 — MiTRA-san — recently returned from their 5-day trip to Japan, where they had a complete blast!

This free trip was awarded to the MiTRA-san team — Felix Arya, Tibyan Ralibi, and Mohammad Trinoferianto for their breakthrough innovation: using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to simplify companies’ admin processes. The Innovathon 5 winners were accompanied by Innovathon mentor Abubakar Siddiq (Mitrais Talent Acquisition & Development Senior Manager), who also initiated the first Innovathon and was the consultant and advisor for the 2021 edition.

All three winners and their mentor had a ball exploring the beauty of Japan and enjoying various fun activities. In the words of the winners, the trip was “amazing and exciting.”

The Arrival

It was Tibyan and Trino’s first time in Japan, so their excitement was overflowing. The group of four enjoyed immersing themselves in the local lifestyle and culture, making the most of their visit.

After they arrived in Tokyo on the first day, they explored the city’s iconic architecture and cityscape and later indulged in Japan’s delectable cuisines in a relaxed dinner gathering with Mitrais’ investor, CAC Holdings Group.

Exploring Kyoto

The next day, they took the bullet train to Kyoto and enjoyed the three-hour ride thoroughly.

Although they didn’t spend too much time in Kyoto, they did visit the Kiyomizu-dera, a preserved ancient Buddhist temple in the area. The trio also took a different route back home, which allowed them to see the enchantingly nostalgic traditional streets of Japan and appreciate how different Tokyo and Kyoto are.

At The CAC Holdings Office

The third day saw the team visiting the CAC Holdings office and meeting the company’s president, Nishimori-san — a huge honor for the team to meet CAC’s #1 person personally.

The management at CAC welcomed and congratulated MiTRA-San for their win and gave them a tour of the office. The Innovathon winners also handed over souvenirs from Mitrais to CAC.

The trio also presented their ideas to the management using animated themes. The presentation impressed CAC management as they are well-versed in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, which was leveraged by the winners. It led to a detailed discussion with CAC about the implementation of their project.

Exploring More of Japan

The fourth and fifth days were for sightseeing and relaxation. Felix, Tibyan, Trino, and Abubakar visited the Tokyo Skytree, the city’s famous landmark. They also explored Asakusa, where they savored Tokyo’s older vibe. Asakusa is heaven for those who would like to hunt souvenirs from old Japan and try various local dishes — Tibyan, to his surprise, came to love Nato and wasabi.

Overall, the trip was memorable for all four of them, and they returned tired but happy.

Taking Innovathon to the Next Level

Abubakar added that this year’s Innovathon was a good starting point for a more successful event as the team is still adjusting to the hybrid ones. Nonetheless, it was the best among the 5 Innovathon competitions that Mitrais has done so far.

It was excellent, well-prepared, and delivered well, fulfilling its purpose to a T. The event saw teamwork, fun, and innovation in all its glory, making it a successful company-wide event.

The Stage is Yours

If you wish to participate in and win Mitrais Innovathon and travel like the MiTRA-San team to exciting places, don’t wait anymore.

Innovathon provides a unique opportunity to gain lots of practical experience, connect and coordinate with team members, listen to their points of view, and receive valuable feedback from mentors on your raw ideas.

It will help you bring your ideas to life and become a master ideator and collaborator.

Want to win big at the next Innovathon? #JoinMitrais today and look out for #Innovathon6.

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