Sosonoan: Getting to Know & Connecting with Colleagues

Who wouldn’t love a lit happy hour at work? Indulging in delicious treats, savouring live music while mingling with colleagues to celebrate wins, or just letting your hair down after a workday is a wholesome mood. Honouring work-life balance, Mitrais is a big advocate for the illustrated gathering and used to binge all sorts of comfort food at its offices before the pandemic hit. Despite the WFH, with its warm, one-big-fam culture, Mitrais still slays its happy hour routines by converting the occasion into an online shindig.

Mitrais Bandung office, in particular, is extra committed to its authentically unique virtual happy hour that is named after a Sundanese word: Sosonoan, meaning friendly gathering to rendezvous or kangen-kangenan in Indonesian. The name reflects genuine and nostalgic affections that truly represent Mitrais Bandung’s spirit in cherishing their work circle. The brainchild of Charles Trader, the branch office manager, has been running for two years in a row! Charles hopes to sustain workplace resilience through unbreakable culture and a sense of community. Hosted by gleeful Dhinny Andriany, lively Laila Safitri, and reliable yet comical Fajar Zulni, this event features office updates, interests, sharing sessions, team bonding games, giveaways, farewells, and talent performances from relocated or new staff. Many look forward to the latter. As a host, Laila revealed that she is pleased that the event is embraced well by ‘Mitrais Bandung squad’, so it began rolling regularly. Not to mention, introducing new family members is also a part of Sosonoan, making it one of the most awaited events each month.

Sosonoan becomes a full-on blast of fun every time newcomers flex their talents during their self-introduction. Abdullah Faqih recalled his first online performance, “I did a stand-up comedy because I lowkey stink at dancing and singing, so I was over the moon when I got wildly applauded for my jokes.” Meanwhile, Anshori Darussalam, a new Analyst Programmer, performed an impromptu Baby Shark dance that cracked everyone up. Then, with a splendid musical show, the audience was swoon over Fredilla Diva’s singing and guitar playing. Anggie Gunawan tested others’ wittiness like a pro entertainer by leading a hilarious Sundanese riddle race called tatarucingan. What’s more, Hendra Kurniawan surprised the attendees with a dope Thailand cover song and topped it all off with a snake dance finale that got the crowd rolling on the floor. All performances were fire!

The warm, amusing vibe of Sosonoan not only puts a brake on the work routine but also boosts staff morale and surges the work dynamic by increasing familiarity and the relationship between employees. “It is the bread and butter to bring everyone together as it fills the gap for an office gathering in this pandemic situation. As newcomers, we don’t know anyone, and it helps us blend with all Mitrais members, creating a family-like bond,” Faqih commented. Additionally, Anggie put forward, “I got to meet and vibe with my teammates. It broke the ice, and as a result, our communication and collaboration improved, so I know what to expect down the line.” In the same light, Fredilla is looking forward to meeting his teammates face to face after getting acquainted with them through Sosonoan, “I learned that they are incredibly accommodating, funny, and easy-going. I’m convinced it would be even more thrilling to work with them in person.” he concluded.

Being a new member could be high key nerve-wracking as you are still navigating through new tasks and getting into the hang of things. Often, having supportive colleagues can ease one’s new work journey. But what if you’ve never met them physically because everyone is now working virtually? Feeling isolated and hesitant to seek the team’s support won’t happen when Sosonoan comes to the rescue.

Are you aspiring to cultivate a thriving IT career at a company that fosters a welcoming, harmonious offline and online culture? #JoinMitrais today because the best teamwork makes the dream work.


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