Mitrais Smooths the Way for New Hires

The COVID-19 has shifted the way businesses running this year. Despite all the challenges of adapting to fully working remotely, it doesn't stop Mitrais' talent acquisition team from hiring essential positions -- even though it requires our Talent Partner team to get creative with the recruitment and on-boarding processes.

Equally essential as the recruitment process, the onboarding process is needed to empower employers and employees to succeed where both parties will meet to feel more engaged and secure in their new role. Mitrais is prioritizing the process, and most importantly, the whole recruitment and training process is conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the on-boarding process, which includes the relocation when necessary, initially, the job offer letters are mailed. And to make it efficient, the computer set along with other work equipment are shipped well ahead before the joining date. Mitrais IT team will ensure that every new hire gets complete set-up guidance to be able to perform their task securely and remotely.

A successful on-boarding plan ensures that new employees feel welcome and connected to their organization. Even though this process is more challenging because of remote work during the pandemic, it still helps in setting clear expectations and boundaries for both sides.

That’s how Abdullah Faqih, Mitrais’ ITS newest member has to say about the process. "I felt a warm greeting and was welcomed by all the family members. They were so kind and willing to help to make my boarding process smooth," he said.

Faqih officially joined the team in November 2020 without any difficulty. When asked to describe Mitrais, he mentioned: IT Professionals, Sharing and Caring, and Good Management.

Even though we are currently facing unique challenges in the workplace, our continuous commitment in giving the maximum support remains strong. Mitrais is currently hiring for several positions, and you surely don’t want to miss it! Click #JoinMitrais below for more details.


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