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Meetrais Nanda: A New Life-Stage Journey with Mitrais

Having successfully completed the tough path to graduating university, the next stage of your life is already there waiting. Now it’s time to pursue a career in a field that you are passionate about.

Cynthia, a talent acquisition specialist of Mitrais, has the following advice: “It is important to know yourself first. By knowing yourself better, you will be able to easily choose which job is suitable for you. If you are a ‘people person’, you might choose a job that involves interacting with others the most such as sales, marketing, teaching, etc. If you enjoy thinking and problem solving, being a programmer might be a career that fits you well”.

And for Nanda Nurcholis, a candidate who passed the recruitment process for the 2018 Junior Programmer (JP) Bootcamp, this is working very well! He’s excited to share the story about his #MitraisLife journey from the start. Flying from Sumatra to Bali shortly after his graduation from Andalas University, Nanda had the specific goal of following his dreams. He loves immersing himself in problem-solving, and he was sure that becoming a programmer would be a great choice for him. He saw an advertisement for Mitrais’ and their Junior Programmer Bootcamp specifically tailored at turning fresh graduates into successful commercial programmers. Without much hesitation, he filled out the online application. He successfully took the HackerRank Test, went through Technical and HR interviews without a hitch, and joined Mitrais with another 13 Junior Programmers from the same program.

The fairness during the recruitment process left him with a very positive feeling. He gives some suggestions for the interview process:

  1. Be prepared for potential questions that might be asked by the interviewer,
  2. Think fast, but don’t be too hasty,
  3. Stay calm, but don’t waste time,
  4. Be yourself and explain your answers fully, and
  5. If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t be afraid to ask what it is. It may be one of the points that the interviewer is looking for. Show that you are willing to ask and to learn from every situation.

If you are determined to learn more about IT and have stick-to-it-iveness, then I think Mitrais is one of the best places you will ever want to grow with” Nanda added.

Mitrais clearly recognizes the potential in fresh graduates, and that’s why we offer an exciting program for them. At the beginning of 2020, Mitrais opened the same Bootcamp program for another round of graduates, this time specialising in training Junior Testers (JT). Fifteen people will join the initial 2-month JT Bootcamp in Bali, just as Nanda did in the past. Those not from Bali get a relocation package. Mitrais also offers social activities, a rewarding system called Mitrais Carrot, and other benefits once they successfully complete the program. Mitrais values a work-life balance highly.

This could be a great opportunity for fresh graduates who are looking to pursue a career plan and are brave enough to embrace new challenges and become a future game changer. And the door now open for you. Click the button below to #JoinMitrais.

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