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Meetrais Farian: Assignment in The Land of Sakura. Sugoi!

Ever been on an international assignment to Japan? Wondering what it is like living there?

Meet Farian Hadi Saputra, an analyst programmer of Mitrais’ Yogyakarta Office, who’s had the experience of having an international assignment to the country famous for its cherry blossom trees, Japan.

For him, this assignment meant improved chances of success for his career growth, as an international assignment may also indicate a path to leadership competency. Therefore, he was determined to do his best to develop the project assigned. In line with Mitrais’ commitment to facilitate capacity building for its employees, international assignments allow employees to develop new skills, as well as get to know a new business environment and office culture. This made him even more proud of Mitrais. He knew this company would be the right place for his career development, along with the opportunities offered since he joined 10 years ago.

With full support from his family, Farian and three other colleagues from Mitrais’ Bandung and Bali offices left for Japan in January 2020. “We worked together with multinational team-members from three different countries there: Japan, China, and Malaysia,” he said. “It was super fun and there was no worry about culture shock, as we had ongoing support throughout the assignment. We worked as a team to achieve the goal together”.

The sixty-six-day assignment away from home gave him a mixed feeling, but mostly excitement. He remembered the most moving moment by the end of his working hours there. His colleagues would say “Otsukaresama deshita”, which means “Thank you for your hard work today” as an appreciation for the team’s hard work. And those days’ message left him with enduring memories of them.

Mitrais is grateful for his new experience and skills that he can later pass on to other employees and believes that every staff member here stands equal chances of growing to their full potential, in line with Mitrais’ mission.

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