Indra Budiman on His Dream Job: Now Anyone Can Code

What you believe, you become

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From catching the golden sunset on the horizon of Lombok to slaying a junior programmer position in a world-class IT company, Indra Budiman has broken the glass ceiling. The Electrical Engineering graduate has flexed that any educational background can land a job as a software developer with foolproof strategies. Let's dive into his success story.

Indra is high key a geek for problem-solving, and it has stirred him to want a career as a software engineer upon graduating. For Indra, being a programmer is not only about a decent salary or high demand for his skills. It is also a job that allows him to keep up to date with the latest technology in today's ever-changing world.

Meanwhile, finding a job in the pandemic as a fresh graduate could feel like a career doomsday. Fortunately, the good news is: Mitrais has been committed to continuously recruiting fresh graduates from all backgrounds through its Bootcamps. Indra is one of Mitrais Bootcamp's alumni who thrives as a junior programmer.

Indra admitted, "At first, I had no idea what Mitrais was. One day, my friend shared a poster on Mitrais' fresh graduate recruitment. It was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After reading the poster, I was so fascinated that I dug deeper about Mitrais. Their 'work-life balance' tagline really got me hooked. I thought it was too good to be true and very doubtful of it until I checked some reviews on Glassdoor, JobStreet, and ex Mitrais employee blogs; all of them give overall good reviews. I thought to myself that it must be freakin' cool to be part of them. So, I managed to hit the bulls-eye, and I must admit that the hype about the work-life balance here is real."

Are you looking for a job as a software engineer too? Indra has got just the map for you to hit your dream job's jackpot.

1. Believe that you can achieve it and make a realistic plan

"After graduating from college, I wished to work as a software engineer in a multinational company, which would require me to have English language capacity to communicate. To achieve that goal, I applied for a 2-month intensive English scholarship program sponsored by the Nusa Tenggara Barat government." Indra recalled.

He continued, "I knew I needed to sharpen my technical skills too, so upon completing the English course, I eagerly joined a 3-months Bootcamp with Fazztrack to get ready as a full-stack software engineer."

2. Learn from others and keep moving forward

"Learning from others will accelerate our learning process. It enables us to experience many ways to crack a problem. Another brilliant way to learn from others is by joining a Bootcamp like what Mitrais offers. Assisted by world-class trainers, the learning here is absolutely rewarding. Don't worry if you make mistakes, as it means you are making progress. Keep your eyes nailed on your dream and keep moving in the direction that leads to it." convinced Indra.

3. Create a support system with a mentor

Indra affirmed, "Pursuing your career does not have to be a lonely journey. Have people who believe in you and can guide you: take a mentor you look up to and learn from in expertise. Never underestimate the power of having a mentor; good mentors take you places."

Are you at the edge of your seat to get working on Indra's mad effective tips? Here is the music to your ears: Mitrais is opening another Bootcamp for 20 Junior Programmers in February 2022. Fresh graduates from tech majors or others with experience in tech are encouraged to apply. Are you the next Indra? #JoinMitrais now.

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