Happy Hour Brings Fun to the Workplace

Are you feeling exhausted and a little dry from the office routines? It may be because you don’t get enough fun activity at work. At Mitrais, we believe that energizing events at the workplace are essential. They are proven to maintain a nice working environment as well as boost employee satisfaction and camaraderie.

That’s why Mitrais holds a regular fun post-work gathering at each of our offices, called the ‘Happy Hour’. It’s our monthly energizing event  that enable employees from different departments to mingle with one another for bonding and internal networking in a more relaxed atmosphere over some drinks and snacks. It is a special time for relaxing and socialising where a range of foods such as delicious burgers, Thai tea, ice cream, and more are made available to bring in the after-work crowd.

“A happy hour without food is nothing” said Erdy, one of the programmers at Bandung office. “My favorite is the burger, and today I won’t need to buy one from outside the office because I can have a super tasty one from the Mitrais Happy hour”, he joked. Erdy told us that his favorite mingling time at Mitrais is the Happy hour. He can have fun there and recharge his energy after coping with all the deadlines and pressure. “By attending this event, I have a chance to get to know everyone better, and end up being good friends hanging out together”.

When you join Mitrais, the Happy Hour is the perfect time for you to show off your best performance in front of Mitrais Big Family. It is a tradition! Erdy remembers doing his first performance as a new hire; a theme song of the biggest supermarket in Bandung was the song that he picked. His song brought joy and laughs to the audience. “I’m so happy with that” he added.

We also often have games during the Happy Hour. One of the games that he remembers is when all the staff were divided into 2 groups. Each group formed a line out of an item they had in hand or that they were wearing within a given time. A team with the longest line would be the winner! “Many of them rushed to take off whatever they had to hand such as belts, socks, shoe laces. One person took his shirt off in the heat of the moment”, he recalled.

Arranging a co-worker bonding can be done in various ways, and our Happy Hour is just one of the several super fun events that you can enjoy at Mitrais once you #JoinMitrais.


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