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Endah (Pipit) Puspito Wardhani – The Legal Side of IT Business

With her hometown in Jakarta and having moved regularly as a child, Mitrais’ Corporate Legal Counsel Endah Puspito Wardhani (known as Pipit) is no stranger to change. Her ability to quickly adjust and adapt to change has given her the skills required to be a core member of the Mitrais legal team.

“Having to move around and live in different places at such a young age has had its benefits and challenges,” says Pipit. “My sisters and I had to constantly catch up with school and pick up new ways, new languages, make new friends fairly quickly every time we moved to a new place. This experience has trained us for life in so many ways including to be adaptable, fast-learners and open-minded to new things as well as to respect other cultures and beliefs no matter how different they may be to ours.”

Pipit has spent time living in both Australia and a number of locations across Indonesia, giving her a unique perspective that is incredibly useful in a strong, multicultural organisation like Mitrais. After completing high school, Pipit went on to study accounting and received her diploma. It wasn’t until she was involved in a legislative drafting project that her undiscovered talent for law and legal counsel was discovered, and she was promptly granted a scholarship to study law at Udayana University in Bali.

Pipit is known for being incredibly fair in all parts of her work at Mitrais. A friendly and charming member of our team, she does not shy away from offering fair and representative advice on legal or technical matters to her colleagues.

While Pipit doesn’t have a background in IT, it is her passion for learning and her interest in the world of IT business that has led her to succeed in her role with Mitrais. “I have been intrigued to learn and to understand about the world of IT business, specifically the legal aspects as they relate to my area”.

This willingness to learn and change is illustrated in Pipits love of traditional food, specifically street food. While her favourite cuisine may (of course) be Indonesian food, she loves eating authentic, traditional food from various places – the spicier the better!

Being Legal Counsel for any company comes with difficult conversations and situations, but Pipit has carved a name for herself as being fair and impartial in all matters between Mitrais and our clients. She’s always been a perceptive person, which gives her strong negotiation skills to seek a win-win solution for all parties. This quality has stood the company in great stead during contract negotiations with clients. Her specialised skills allow Mitrais to ensure that we avoid any possible legal disputes with clients by setting clear guidelines early, and making sure that those are communicated clearly at all times.

Of Mitrais, Pipit shares, “I am fortunate to have great mentors”. She believes that the culture found at Mitrais creates a strong and solid team and encourages an environment that keeps the team motivated and wanting to give their best.

While there are many words of wisdom that may be inspiring, one of Pipits favourites came from her father, who instilled this value in her from a young age. “Be honest and do what is right”. What sounds like a simple basic principle requires courage, knowledge, persistence and perceptiveness to apply in everyday life. What a wonderful guiding principle to hold, no matter what the world may throw at you.

Thanks Pipit! Mitrais is proud to have you as part of our team and a member of our family.

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