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21 Feb 2018

React Redux Connect in State Management

What is the strong point of React Redux connect in term of React's state management? Mitrais' programmer gives short introduction on Redux. Find out more in the following article.

News & Updates - Mitrais Boot Camp Software Training1

News & Updates

19 Feb 2018

Mitrais Boot Camp Software Training

Mitrais has created Boot Camp Software Training for all its software engineers. The 3 stage Boot Camp Training Programme is based on trainee's background to personalise their training and to fill gaps in their knowledge. Get the full article here.

News & Updates - React Native vs Ionic 1

News & Updates

15 Feb 2018

React Native vs Ionic

Let's take a look at the comparison of React Native vs Ionic. Mitrais' Programmer lists down the strengths, differences, and benefits of these top 2 hybrid frameworks. Take a look at the full report here.

News & Updates - Mitrais' High Quality Code1

News & Updates

09 Feb 2018

Mitrais' High Quality Code

In Mitrais, we aim for consistency across the whole codebase. Therefore Mitrais created coding standard based on current best practices in software engineering. Read on to know more about our high quality code standard.

News & Updates - SharePoint Office 365 Automated Workflow with Microsoft Flow1

News & Updates

08 Feb 2018

SharePoint Office 365 Automated Workflow with Microsoft Flow

SharePoint is a great platform to collaborate, manage and store content and documents. This time, Mitrais' Analyst Programmer shares the comfort of operating SharePoint Office 365 automated workflow with Microsoft Flow. Read the complete article here.

News & Updates - Breaking Complexity Using Domain-Driven Design1

News & Updates

07 Feb 2018

Breaking Complexity Using Domain-Driven Design

Being a central element to software design, domain modelling allows software developers to express rich functionality and to serve what users need. Mitrais' Analyst shares how domain-driven design can deliver high value, both strategically and tactically. Read on to find out more. 

News & Updates - Heading Towards Great UX with Accessibility and Usability1

News & Updates

06 Feb 2018

Heading Towards Great UX with Accessibility and Usability

Amber Wilks and Dr. Becca Green showed specifically how accessibility impacts the solutions utilized by the consumer market. UX accessibility and development have equal part in the creation of accessible software solution. Through three myths of accessibility, they explained how the guidelines for accessibility also have developed. Click to find out more of UX accessibility.

News & Updates - IT Career Options1

News & Updates

25 Jan 2018

IT Career Options

As technologies rise and companies are competing to build their IT department, it brings a bright future for IT career path. Mitrais' tester shares a glimpse of the wide possibilities for youngsters and IT graduates to start their IT career. Click to find out more.

News & Updates - Useful Tools for Your API Development1

News & Updates

17 Jan 2018

Useful Tools for Your API Development

Having powerful API development tools can make it easier to create an API. Take a look at what Mitrais' Analyst Programmer found to be helpful in documenting your API and executing integration test. Follow the link for full article.

News & Updates - Why Java Should Be the Next Programming Language to Learn1

News & Updates

20 Dec 2017

Why Java Should Be the Next Programming Language to Learn

Mitrais' programmer shares great tips on choosing the next programming language to learn. It's not just based on popular choice, but based on research and discussion with experts. Find out why you should consider Java as your second stream skill here.