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A Bright Future for Workforce Management

The Background

There are great risks for organizations in both recruiting unverified workers, and in having personnel working on site who are not qualified to be there.

A pioneering online platform, Cited, is giving businesses peace of mind that their workforce is checked and cleared for work, at time of hiring and throughout their engagement, and providing individuals with the opportunity to manage their career profiles.

Cited, developed by respected Australian software company Bright People Technologies (‘Bright’), is an easily navigated platform to manage worker authenticity, from the recruitment process through to onboarding, through to day to day workplace compliance. Cited provides a single source of truth, across every industry and sector.

Bright has been working with Mitrais for the past two years, utilizing the firm’s expert team of developers and testers in Indonesia.

Bright’s General Manager Product Development, Derek van Buren, said Mitrais’ exceptional customer service and strong work ethic were central to the success of the relationship. “Bright has 17 years of experience in workforce management software, and we were looking to capitalize on this when we introduced our new product, Cited, to the market last year,” he said. “It was important that we worked with an organization that shared our values of commitment, determination, and innovation. Mitrais has been a good fit for us.”

The Solution

Derek first visited the Mitrais team in Bali and Yogyakarta in February 2016, and the initial Mitrais group comprised five developers. Currently, one developer and one tester work on other Bright initiatives.

Cited is leading a paradigm shift in the workforce verification and compliance market in that it empowers individuals to take control of their careers by managing their online work profiles. Individuals can choose to share their details with multiple organizations.

Sourcing data from government agencies and departments, police, and industry certifying organizations, Cited takes care of safeguards such as National Police Checks, Certification and Diploma Checks, Driver Licence Checks, First Aid Checks, Visa Checks and Electrical and Plumbing Licence Checks.

It provides businesses with risk mitigation benefits, reducing the potential for candidate fraud and expired licenses or registrations, and ensuring relevant training and qualifications are valid and compliant with industry and regulatory standards. Renewals are automated, and the information is in real-time, making point-in-time verification a thing of the past.

Through a streamlined platform that holds all compliance systems in one location, Cited enables candidates to be job-ready. Research shows that time to hire is significantly reduced when job candidates’ information is already verified. Not only can this information be shared throughout departments, but it can also be captured and distributed throughout the industry, encouraging greater collaboration.

With Cited, an organization can:

  • Establish the truth – gain assurance that workers have valid credentials. 
  • Simplify workforce compliance management – everything is in one online location. 
  • Receive automated alerts about license renewals.
  • Save time, cut costs, and reduce inefficiency and paperwork.
  • Reduce reputational and operational risks associated with fraud and invalid licenses or qualifications. 

A product of the future, Cited provides smart, seamless verification and ongoing certification compliance tracking of individuals across a range of industries and sectors.

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