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Mitrais Software Development Case Study – PT Ivatama Teknologi

The Background

PT Ivatama Teknologi (IVT) is a technology company based in Indonesia. They provide digital marketing, IT security and IT infrastructure solutions for both software and hardware, as well as IT consultancy services.

In one instance, their client, one of Indonesia’s prominent banks, sought to rewrite their corporate website using Sitecore Experience Management Platform and Content Management System (CMS), one of the leaders in digital marketing platform solution.

The Requirement

IVT is dedicated to providing excellent services to their clients. One of IVT’s clients needed to develop a website for VIP customers, along with their own corporate website. Both websites should be developed using Sitecore.

While the IVT team had successfully developed the Sitecore-based client’s VIP customers’ website, they needed to get more resources to complete the client’s corporate website within a very tight timeframe given to them. The IVT team began to look for people with Sitecore know-how to assist their project.

The Solution

To augment their development team, IVT has chosen Mitrais to provide the software engineers with Sitecore capabilities to complete the client’s corporate website revamp.

During the project, Mitrais prepared the website’s CMS using Sitecore 8. The Mitrais team created webpage templates, content blocks, and other necessary components so that the website maintenance and content management can be done directly though the CMS.

Using the Sitecore CMS will reduce business users’ dependencies on web developers to update the content of their corporate website. Once trained to use the CMS, anyone can be an assigned as the content author or content administrator and update the website without having to involve any developer, e.g. inputting content, changing layouts, creating new pages, etc. Website update is made easier for everyone involved; the web admin has more freedom to customize their website and developers can use their time to complete other tasks.

The rewrite also covered a major alteration in the website’s User Interface design. The new website is more user friendly and modern. It now has a responsive design template that allows visitors to browse through the website comfortably in any chosen devices, desktop or mobile. Not to mention, the dynamic and personalized contents can be automatically presented to targeted visitors with specific criteria or needs. This personalization capability of the website is the core of modern digital marketing platform.

During the development, Mitrais team took the initiative to use Glassmapper Framework that provided the tools to make development using Sitecore easier. The implementation saved a lot of the developers’ time and effort.

Instead of making a different web component for each page, Mitrais team created general templates for elements that has similar look or function. When customized modules are required, developers can take these templates and adding the inheritance as required, eliminating the need to create from scratch.

“During the engagement, Mitrais team distinguished itself through its professionalism and quality of service,” commented Andy Pranoto, the Director of IVT. “Mitrais team has delivered outstanding services and demonstrated a commitment to excellence since the inception of our partnership.”

Now the website has gone live and returned to IVT’s purview for the bug fixing and support.

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