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DocsCorp Leverages Mitrais’ Microsoft Azure Expertise into the Cloud

The Background

With years of experience in providing the world’s best professional document processing tools, DocsCorp aims to be across the market changes and trends to provide the best and most up-to-date solutions for its clients.

As Office 365 is gaining popularity, especially among their clients, DocsCorp saw it as important to be a part of the change. DocsCorp cloud, a series of DocsCorp products hosted in the cloud, was released as a part of this initiative.

compareDocs cloud is one such product. compareDocs quickly and accurately compares two versions of a document for changes. The comparison format can be Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF, or Word-to-PDF. With the cloud version, it is intended that clients will gain efficiency by not having to set the program up on their desktop prior to accessing this functionality.

The Requirement

All the DocsCorp cloud applications will be hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As such, DocsCorp needed to find resources with competency and experience in working with the platform to complete their first public release of compareDocs cloud.

DocsCorp Global Research and Development Manager, Jim Lim, stated, “We needed quick access to skilled resources experienced in the technologies required by the project to bolster our team in Sydney.”

The Solution

DocsCorp engaged Mitrais who provide talented and experienced software engineers skilled in a variety of technologies – one of which was Microsoft Azure.

Engaging Mitrais gave DocsCorp the burst capacity needed to complete their first public release. With a team of more than 300 skilled software engineers available to them, DocsCorp was able to immediately draw on these resources without worrying about the overhead costs or administrations that come with the conventional hiring process.

Upon acquiring the appropriate resources, DocsCorp utilised Mitrais’ expertise in most of the development process. The Mitrais team’s involvement began at the architectural design stage. The DocsCorp team visualised most of the application’s blueprint, while the Mitrais team helped to fine tune it prior to development.

The Agile development method utilised gave DocsCorp more control over the development process. It provided multiple opportunities for engagement between the teams and allowed changes to be made mid-development. Since the time difference between the Bali development centre and Sydney is only two hours, the teams were able to work as though they were in much closer proximity.

To complement Microsoft Azure, Mitrais used a number of cutting edge technologies in developing compareDocs into a competitive product that is ahead of the curve. Among the significant technologies utilised are micro-services architecture, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SignalR, Entity Framework, C#, and .NET 4.5. The collaboration extends from the front end through to middleware and backend development.

“Mitrais’ mature processes and procedures, combined with a growth and development plan for each developer, not just on technical matters, produces great developers,” commented Jim, who was pleased with the services Mitrais offered.

Developing the compareDocs cloud add-ins for the Office 365, however, is not a precursor to replacing the desktop version. Rather, it is meant to expand compareDocs functionalities so users can use it from any device at anytime, anywhere. The process will take place in DocsCorp’s cloud platform so clients can look forward to engaging with the end result.

Convenience is the main motivation behind the move to the cloud. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, compareDocs is being launched as an add-in to Office 365. Office 365 users and DocsCorp clients can expect to enjoy an increase in productivity from this collaboration.

Jim revealed that following the successful launch of compareDocs cloud, DocsCorp is now focusing its attention on integrations and cleanDocs for removing metadata from email attachments, “ensuring that both cleanDocs and compareDocs technologies are available anytime, anywhere.”

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