Implementing Builder Pattern in PHP Programming Design Pattern Solution

When building code and projects for web application, following common patterns help make code more accessible and easier to manage. Software design patterns in PHP are reusable solutions to common programming problems. Read more about the implementation of builder pattern in PHP programming design pattern as a solution in this article.

Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) and native apps can provide users with a similar experience. Read this article to know more about the objectives of PWA, how to implement PWA, benefits of using PWA, and many more.

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Introducing AWS Cognito, Robust Auth Service for Your App

When developing an app, it is most likely that we are going to use or implement authentication and authorization methods. In this article, we're discussing Amazon Cognito User Pools.

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Building Scalable and Resilient Web Applications

Scalable and resilient are crucial requirements in creating an application, especially for an application with on-premise infrastructure. This article discuss several techniques to make our infrastructure scalable & resilient.

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AWS Amplify VS Google Firebase, Which is Better?

In discussing Development Platforms for mobile and web applications, there are two new interesting brands to examine. Firebase is Google’s offering, and AWS Amplify is being touted by Amazon. In this article, we dig deeper into the features and the pros-cons of these products to help you decide which is the better for you.

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