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Why Mitrais?

Mitrais is a nearshore software development company providing dedicated teams equipped with the full range of the web application development skills needed to create and launch effective enterprise solutions and successful software-as-a-service platforms. Our team of software engineering and business professionals leverages the vast expertise that we have accumulated in various industries to help our customers solve the most complex challenges on your track to creating the next innovative web app or business software.

At Mitrais, we offer custom web development services for front-end and back-end, including web application development. We focus on crafting visually engaging and mobile-responsive designs, while our server-side experience ranges from PHP/MySQL solutions to highly scalable cloud computing solutions based on Amazon Web Services.

Our Expertise

We create cutting-edge software solutions for our customers using the latest front-end and back-end technologies, and world-class tools that automate our development process. We develop using a wide range of technologies and can advise you on the most appropriate solutions to your technical challenges.

Sample Case Studies

The Project

Our client used a team of 11 to 13 Java software engineers to develop, support and maintain several web-based applications using Java as the back end, AngularJS or Angular for the front end and MongoDB as the database server. The scope of work including providing support to make sure the web-based system worked correctly on various form-factors including tablet and mobile devices. A Protocol buffer is used as an object model wrapped in a Java class. The latest version of Java (currently version 11) is being used.​

Technologies Used

Java 11, Java 8, MongoDB, AngularJS 1.2, jQuery, Angular.


The Project

The Mitrais team rapidly developed both web and mobile applications for the client’s apartment management business. The system enables customers to post business complaints and effectively manages the complaints, communication and resolution process. It also helps apartment managers to maintain and measure their customer’s needs. In addition, the system can manage client specific requests. Apartment managers can invite and manage multiple contractors for jobs, and approve or reject them based on their compliance status. The contractor’s workers can update the status of all current requests in real time up to completion status.

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, Active Record, Rspec, Capistrano, Elasticsearch, RailsAdmin, Bootstrap, Git on BitBucket, Pivotal Tracker, SublimeText.

The Project

The Mitrais team supports our client in maintaining an AWS cloud-based application which act as a collaborative platform for managing an entire construction project, including progress, assessment and approval process of a claim. Both parties can easily and efficiently submit their applications for payment and payment notices, saving time, reducing risk and streamlining manual processes. The application is developed using ReactJS and AngularJS for the front end, and Node.js for the back end.

Technologies Used

ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, GitHub, PostgreSQL.

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