Why Automated Testing Matters

By using test automation, you can increase your testing ability, get a quicker feedback response and generally upgrade quality.

We are all aware of the importance of software testing—without it we would not know if our product was working well or not.  Yet nowadays in the ever growing marketplace of software developments, you don’t always have the time or money that enables you to test your product properly

Undetected bugs and glitches can wreak havoc with your customer base as well as shoot up costs.  With test automation, your team will be able to screen your products in less time, which frees up their time to concentrate on more high-level testing.  The benefits can be keenly seen in test cases that are conducted repeatedly, such as those for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and those that are part of a full or partial regression suite.

What can you achieve with test automation?

1. Increase productivity, speed and quality while cutting test costs

You want your customers to recommend your product and keep coming back for more.  If you can release your perfectly working software in a timely manner, you can achieve this objective. Test automation can be done outside of the high peak hours and these tests can be distributed among your servers (physical or virtual) without taking up precious bandwidth. You can complete Automated tests much more quickly than manual testing, which means your team has more turnaround time to produce a significantly better product.

2. Get your testers motivated to do their best

Let’s face it, manual testing can be boring, which makes for a more error prone environment for your testers.  Test Automation takes the grunge out of your team’s workday while actually increasing accuracy.  Your team’s time will be freed up to work on more demanding tasks such as risk analysis and exploratory testing.

3. Magnify your test coverage

We are all aware that to properly test our software takes an inordinate amount of tests, energy, and resources. Hours and hours of time are dedicated to ensuring that our software will work on a variety of platforms and in a number of environments.  You can get consistency by using test automation and know that your application is compatible.

So which test platform should you use?  There are multiple choices and we have created a comprehensive comparative analysis of four of the leading automated test platforms here.

Source: https://www.ranorex.com/why-test-automation/.


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