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The Bootcamp Strategy by Mitrais’ CDC

Talent Development is vital for Mitrais to create and maintain a pool of world-class employees for current and future needs. It is the main reason Mitrais established a Competency Development Center (CDC) in 2016 to facilitate Technical Bootcamps. This is a revolutionary approach to talent development, comprising online self-learning to Scrum Development scenarios that are almost like real-project exercises.

Not only do these programs provide hands-on knowledge with high impact learning to help leveraging employees’ current to meet requirements for possible immediate roles, they also give employees a chance to broaden their skills to be applicable to a wider variety of roles in the future. That means greater opportunities for career advancement. These training programs are a huge boon because they focus on five competency development models i.e. Customer Focus, Organisational Agility, Personal Excellence, Innovation, and Professional Growth and Development.

Dyah Kurnia, one of the testers currently in CDC teamed up with nine other team members of the Scrum full stack development team (front-end/back-end developers and testers, a scrum master, and a product owner), and she shared her experience. Aside from being a tester, she was also given a chance to play the role of product owner. Regular feedback and suggestions are provided by the CDC team, Technology Evangelist and Experts on how to achieve the best product.

“It is new experience for me, and I am learning a lot from it. Everyone has their own role to support the Product development” she said. “Problem solving is a challenge, but I don’t feel it is a burden at all. The team members always communicate well, and I’m proud of the team”.

“I love the new approach that CDC is using with the bootcamps. I can gain great experience before I join a real project with a client. We get to learn how to collaborate effectively and efficiently, and it gives us a big picture of a real project. For me, being responsible is the key. You have a responsibility, and you are accountable. But it is all about balance. Not too much, not too little” she added.

It might be you joining the next Bootcamp at Mitrais. So, what are you waiting for? #JoinMitrais #Mitraislife

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