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The Advent of Technology Evangelists at Mitrais

With the aim of fostering innovation in Software Engineering, Mitrais introduced the role of Technology Evangelist a few years ago.

Initially, we started with one .NET Technology Evangelist, Rendi Akhmad, and we have recently expanded this idea with the promotion of two more of our Senior Analysts to the role, Thomas Rothe and Kustian.

Thomas Rothe is a recognised champion in Agile (Scrum) and DevOps., while Kustian is our top Java expert. Meanwhile, Rendi, who started as a .NET Technology Evangelist, has since widened his expertise coverage to include cloud computing in Azure and AWS, JavaScript, and microservices.

In Mitrais, Technology Evangelists build networks by actively reaching out to the wider community both within and outside our organisation through meetups and various social media to share technologies and Mitrais’ capabilities along with gaining industry sector insights.

They act as a communication channel between various levels of our organisation and clients to impart better technical insights. They will often work with our customers’ and prospects’ experts to help define their strategies and ensure that we add value to the engagement.

Acting in the role of technology champion, they can advise clients of the advantages of a particular Mitrais product line or service and suggest how they might be leveraged for their benefit. They also provide advice to multi-level teams on how best to extend best practice services to our customers and prospects. Evangelists pass on their expertise through training within our organisation and often represent Mitrais in presenting to and networking with their peers at events and conferences.

Unlike traditional business development representatives, Technology Evangelists principally operate as a subject matter expert in a particular technical field, without being tied to certain projects or accounts. The evangelists’ involvement for any given project or account is limited to a certain percentage of their time, so that their expertise can be more widely shared within and beyond our organisation.

With the success of the program, Mitrais will continue to expand its Technology Evangelist practise as demand for new technologies continues to grow.

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