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Mitrais Boot Camp Software Training

All software engineers who join Mitrais have the opportunity to go through a 3 stage Boot Camp Training Programme. 

Where they start the programme will depend to some extent on their previous background and trainees are encouraged to work together with their Manager to personalise their training and to fill gaps in their knowledge. 

Mitrais Boot Camp Software Levels


The Beginner level will introduce the trainee to the basic concepts of a new language, giving them an entry level knowledge of the language and the unique IDE and/or frameworks that are used on a particular technology stack. 


The Intermediate level will then build on that knowledge to provide all the tools needed by a Full Stack Developer in that technology stack.  

Upon completion, the trainee will have a Working level knowledge of that particular technology and will be able to work effectively under supervision. 

A typical Java Bootcamp training programme to achieve Intermediate level is shown in the diagram below.  

Note that at the end of the Intermediate program the trainee will be expected to build a simple application using the skills gained during the course. Their code will then be formally reviewed by a senior Mitrais developer who will provide constructive feedback to help him improve. 

Mitrais Boot Camp Software Material


Once a trainee has achieved Intermediate level, they will then join what Mitrais calls a Good Bootcamp. 

Good Bootcamps are small SCRUM Teams of 5 to 7 people who are developing products and will expose the trainee to the full Agile software development lifecycle. 

The objectives of a Good Bootcamp are : 

  • Hands on experience on production-like projects  
  • Full Stack development experience  
  • DevOps experience  
  • Cloud deployment experience  
  • Software Quality  standards applied 
  • Coding Standards applied  
  • 70+% Unit Test coverage 
  • System and Integration Testing  
  • Well structured code  
  • Efficient code  
  • Secure code  
  • No memory leaks  

The objective of this is to allow the trainee to achieve a Good knowledge of the new technology stack. This will allow them to work with minimum supervision in a team who are delivering for one of our clients. 

Clearly everyone learns at their own pace, but on average an experienced Software Engineer will learn a complete new technology stack within 4 to 6 months. 

Trainees can update their progress as they master each new competency through the Mitrais Periodic Table system. 

Boot Camp Software Table of Technical Competencies

Mitrais already has training courses for over 200 technical competencies and is constantly adding new ones as they evolve. 

So if you are keen to improve your competencies by joining us, email us your CV now to join@mitrais.com 

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