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Mitrais Beliefs In Agility – Being Agile at Agile Indonesia Conference 2017

With constant changes and complexity in software development, Mitrais finds the Agile manifesto fits our industry well. Not only does it help in delivering faster and better values, but also increases satisfaction with the result.

Mitrais’ VP Services, Gusti Putu Kompiang delivered an engaging explanation of how Mitrais goes beyond ‘doing Agile’ and into ‘being Agile’ during his session, titled “Through the Looking Glass”. On the first day of the Agile Indonesia Conference 2017, he shared Mitrais’ belief in being agile is more than merely following the ritual, which leads to a cultural shift. He noted that current business challenges require businesses to scale up, and that distributed teams are a good way to enable that. He also discussed the paths that Mitrais has chosen to overcome challenges and barriers in the adoption of agile. The three main challenges are in the misunderstanding of product vision and requirements, collaboration and communication barriers. These are also the benefits that Mitrais has found through distributed teams operating in an agile fashion.

Mitrais has applied the Agile manifesto in our distributed teams, giving freedom and flexibility to our teams in overcoming barriers and responding to continuous change. SCRUM has become Mitrais’ corporate standard in developing internal software solutions. This ensures that our software engineers are very familiar with the principles and concepts of Agile.

On the second day of conference, it was Thomas Rothe’s turn to share his vision regarding agility in his session, entitled “Real-World Strategies for Continuous Delivery”. He noted how adopting the agile manifesto can accomplish faster delivery and better quality at a lower cost. Continuous delivery is required to accomplish it all. Thomas also discussed the practices that enable continuous delivery and some challenges in adopting it.

Agile Indonesia was set up as a community for Agile enthusiasts with routine meetups, both online and offline. This year, Agile Indonesia held a conference that brought together global leaders in software development to share their experience in applying the Agile manifesto into their enterprises, and of course, Mitrais took part in this event too.

The conference was held for two days on 12-13 July 2017 at Menara BTPN Jakarta. Other than joining the festivities, Mitrais also had two speaking sessions to share our experience on being Agile, delivered by Mitrais’ VP Services, Gusti Putu Kompiang and Mitrais’ Analyst, Thomas Rothe.

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