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Indonesia & Vietnam Confirm Place as IT Offshoring Destinations

The Global Service Location Index recently covered 55 offshoring destination countries.  It is noteworthy that Indonesia now stands at position number four, exchanging places with Brazil, which now is in fifth place, while Vietnam stands in sixth place. The potential for Indonesia & Vietnam to rise through the ranks is tremendous.  

Indonesia & Vietnam are two of a number of countries positioning themselves as credible alternatives to offshoring. Bali-headquartered Mitrais has provided software development services for Australian, New Zealand & Singapore companies for many years.  

The recent Global Services Location Index™ (GSLI) measures the interest of offshore locations in 55 countries across three major categories: financial appeal, people skills and availability, and business environment.  

According to Kearney, Asia and Latin Amerika make a particularly strong showing in this year’s Index, with India, China and Malaysia claiming the top three spots, followed by Indonesia, then Brazil and Vietnam in the top 6, followed by the Philippines, Thailand, Chile and Columbia in the tenth position.  

While India is a leader in terms of people skills and availability, Indonesia and Vietnam are continuing to show industry growth and offer companies strong options for offshore services, according to Kearney.  

About Mitrais: In business since 1991, we are in it for the long haul and our very first client remains a client today. We offer our clients Superior Quality and Cost-Efficiency and a wide range of Technical Expertise backed by over 400 staff in offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia.  

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