Building Software Engineer Bootcamps Tailored to the Market

Gaining popularity in many countries in recent years, information technology bootcamps have been shown to be an effective method for Mitrais to help our software engineers to upgrade their initial skills and to master new or multiple skills. Software engineer bootcamps have, in turn, greatly enhanced our ability to infuse higher quality into our services and to stay ahead of fast-paced technology trends.

Mitrais Software Engineer Bootcamp Infographic

After 5 years of operations, the Mitrais bootcamps have helped us achieve several growth milestones, including:

Key Technical Capabilities – we have structured our key technical capabilities to accommodate market requirements, constantly expanding to support a wider range of markets. Our current technical capabilities have grown to 30, including .NET, Angular 2, Java, Kendo, Android, Mobile, React Native, Azure, Phyton, Testing, Native Script and more.

Technical Learning Offerings – we have designed over 200 courses that offer facilitated learning for our software engineers, tailored to market requirements. Through the vast array of programming languages, technical skills and learning offerings provided, we strive to enhance the quality of services that we provide to our customers.

Bootcamp Attendees in 2018 – we have trained more than 230 software engineers in 2018. This has significantly increased our readiness to provide software engineers who can deliver the required services in environments that demand engineers with certain skills, or multi-skilled capabilities.

Person-days of Bootcamp Training delivered in 2018 – we have delivered over 7000 person-days of bootcamp learning facility through combining key-concept learning and hands-on working experience in a managed production-like environment. The amount of time spent to facilitate our bootcamps has allowed us to acquire valuable experience that has built up our capability to manage similar projects.

Certified Bootcamp Graduates planned in 2019 – we plan to graduate over 90 software engineers who have participated in our bootcamp in 2019. Graduates from the Mitrais bootcamp training program offer varying levels of technical skills or multiple skills to fill the varied levels of expertise required for projects.


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