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Bring Back the Good Old Memories with Mitrais’s Mini 4WD Club

Being a “grown-up” probably effects your priorities, especially when it comes to building a good social life. Finding ways to balancing your non-work life after spending 8 hours on the job becomes necessary. Joining with a group of people who share the same hobbies and passions can be a shortcut to escape the tension of working. That’s why Mitrais is committed to helping our staff maintain their work-life balance through making various activities available.

Staff are encouraged to take up any kind of activities that could bring a positive energy to both work and personal life. Initiated by Wendy and Adi Wibawa, Mitrais’ Mini 4WD club is one of the newest social clubs we have, and it is quickly becoming one of the favorites! Most of the club members had raced Mini 4WD cars from when they were young. Surprisingly, the sensation of racing seems to be no different no matter how old you are. “It made me feel nostalgic,” Wendy said. The joy of racing the cars is not only felt by the members but also by others. Sometimes the club members get together to share their experiences, knowledge, tips, and spare parts.

“Before racing, we usually build our cars, and this is part of the fun. So much fun! We can customise and modify the cars in whatever ways we like as long as it is according to the set of rules already announced by the organiser, which we have to abide by,” Adi added passionately. The racing itself is another exciting part; this can be seen in how the racers express themselves to support their 4WD. They feel like they are the car designers, engineers, and the racer – all at the same time. However, anything can happen during the race. Cars can fly out of the racecourse, hit really hard and even break some parts. Sometimes that are so fast that you can’t see where they are going. It is an activity full of positive vibes, and by join in this community members can learn from and bond with one another.

Anyone interested is welcome to join this club and share the enjoyment. Every month they have a race event with tempting prizes. “The members are all warm and friendly, and we help each other while bantering with each other. You will find a lot of fun and excitement by joining the Mitrais’s Mini 4WD Club. Come and give it a try, and you’ll surely be dazzled by how fast your car can run!” Adi added.

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    Ridwan Tamiya
    4 years ago

    Jangan malas baca deskripsi sebelum membeli

    4 years ago

    Mobilku nomor satu

    Lala Shop
    4 years ago

    Semangat klonthank!

    4 years ago

    What a nice and memorable social activity! Missed that so much!