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Why Mitrais?

Mitrais has a wealth of experience providing software development services for a range of clients within the financial, banking and insurance sectors. We have helped to develop a wide range of software solutions for our partners, including client-facing mobile banking applications, integrated web-based wealth management systems, secure investment and trading systems, project cost management systems for the construction industry, and financial management systems for insurers. We are well positioned to develop your solution using a wide range of technologies, supported by testing, design, and user experience.


Banking and Insurance

Mitrais has been the development partner to several high-profile banking organisations across the Asia-Pacific, including Bank Central Asia, Bank Permata Tbk, Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional, HSBC Indonesia and Commonwealth Bank of Indonesia. Mitrais has also partnered with a range of Australian and global insurance, brokerage and financial planning providers including Allianz Life (Indonesia), IOOF, Modoras Financial Performance Solutions and Jardine Lloyd Thompson (Australia).


Some of Our Clients

Our Expertise


Project Portfolio

Mitrais has developed applications for clients providing digital banking, development automation, project financial estimation, accounting, online trading, financial planning, and investment performance tracking functionality.


Cloud Systems

Mitrais is working on Cloud/SaaS applications and we have experience in automated testing, continuous integrations/continuous deployment (CI/CD), performance scaling and sophisticated monitoring (i.e. DevOps).


Project Cost Management

Mitrais has developed cost estimation and tracking systems for a number of established construction clients, that manage the financials of high-value projects from initial estimation through to detailed project cost management functionality.


Online Transaction

Mitrais has assisted clients in the Asia-Pacific to pioneer online financial transactions whether it be digital banking services for clients, or online and mobile payment systems for B2C and B2B users.


Portfolio Management

Mitrais has decades of experience in the development of financial portfolio management applications. Examples include systems to streamline financial planners in assisting clients to manage investments, and online secured systems to allow clients to manage their own portfolios directly.


Integration & Interoperability

As with many high-value business sectors, siloed applications are ineffective and introduce inefficiencies. Mitrais can design and build applications from the ground up to work well with existing transactional and back-office systems.


Legacy Modernisation

Many financial organisations have home-grown applications that were built as temporary solutions but have become mission critical. Mitrais can refresh or rewrite them to ensure they can continue to serve the organisation.


Enterprise Grade

Mitrais can build high performance, highly available and secure mission-critical applications to ensure security, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Full Lifecycle

Mitrais can manage the whole software lifecycle from initial analysis to design (including UI/UX design) to development, testing/QA and deployment.


Technology Stack

Regardless of which technology stack you want to use, we are confident that with nearly 400 developers we can assemble a team with the relevant skills.

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