Bank of the Future: A Bank for Everyone to Grow Together

Bank Jago is a technology-based bank with an aspiration to enhance the growth of millions through life-focused digital financial solutions. The history began back in 1992 when PT Bank Artos Indonesia was established in Bandung. By changing the name to Bank Jago in June 2020, Bank Jago begin the transformation to build a Bank of the Future, a bank for everyone to grow together.

As a technology-based bank, Bank Jago believes implementing the latest technologies is the answer to provide the best services as well as accelerate financial inclusion in Indonesia. For this reason, the bank is built and designed by optimizing technology that enables Bank Jago to be embedded in an ecosystem. By focusing on customer’s needs (life-focused digital financial solutions), Bank Jago aims to provide new experience specifically to the small and medium enterprises (SME) segment, retail (Consumer) segment, and mass market segment.

Mitrais is pleased to support Bank Jago's aspirations by becoming a partner in software development and software testing services starting from 2020. In the development area, one of Mitrais developers has become part of the development team that is supporting Bank Jago to develop and enhance Bank Jago mobile application. With the mobile application, Bank Jago customers will be at ease and have a more reliable process of managing their accounts for multiple purposes. Bank Jago customers do not have to go to the Bank Jago branches physically, as full banking services are accessible through mobile devices with enhanced security at their fingertips. It will surely bring another level in providing services to Bank Jago customers to improve efficiency and security. As for the testing area, Mitrais is part of the testing team that is responsible for the End-to-End testing for Bank Jago Digital Banking application. As part of the testing team, Mitrais contributes to ensure that the application is ready before being launched to Bank Jago customers.

The application of the technologies enables customers to have a more convenient experience using Bank Jago's services. Bank Jago is proud to become a showcase as an innovative financial institution that applies the latest technologies in providing the best services for the customers.

Mitrais partnership with Bank Jago is still relatively new. However, with Mitrais commitment to providing continuous support to Bank Jago, and high trust from Bank Jago to keep engaging Mitrais in innovating the products and services, the partnership between Mitrais and Bank Jago would grow even stronger in the future.

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