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Case Study – Incom

Incom, an Australian developer of risk management software systems, has confirmed the success of a business strategy to contract software development so it could streamline its ability to meet the demands of its high-end clients, ensure access to leading edge technical skills as well as protect its intellectual property.

Following the successful release of its enhanced Enterprise Risk Register Version 2.5, which was developed by Mitrais, Incom has contracted the development of other software products and ongoing technical support to the Bali based company.

A small company, Incom nevertheless provides information systems to industry leaders in Australia and internationally. It provided risk management software for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for the APEC meetings held throughout 2007 in various Australian cities and culminating in the summit held in Sydney.

Incom CEO and founder David Watson commends the offshoring strategy to other small software companies.

“It is not just a cost advantage offshoring to Mitrais. By doing so we complement our risk management software with Mitrais extensive skills in Microsoft’s .NET architecture and database skills.

“Mitrais acts like a developer’s developer, augmenting our ability to provide software solutions in the shortest time possible and providing additional technical services.

“As Mitrais has Microsoft Gold certification and a strong Australian association and customer base, we can ramp up quickly address the needs of our customers for major projects using Mitrais development staff.

“Importantly we have been able to contract development without putting our intellectual property at risk,” Mr Watson said.

Gus Kollar, a spokesperson for the APEC Taskforce stated “Incom’s risk management systems provided the Taskforce with a view of our entire risk profile and helped managers understand their risks and the priority of treatments required to mitigate these risks.”

Mr Watson said many organisations are still trying to manage risks with spreadsheets and in doing so do not have a good overall view of their risk exposure and may be piling up reputation risk, financial risk, legal risk and more. Not only that but few risk management systems have in-built cost-effectiveness analysis.

Incom helps to move customers from single-user spreadsheet risk management to multi-user web-enabled database driven enterprise risk management in the shortest time and at the lowest cost by providing powerful tools that are simple to install, configure and use.

The Enterprise Risk Register project drew on Mitrais’ extensive skills in .NET, C# ASP.NET and SQL Server to enhance the software to support true n-tier architecture, Microsoft IE7, Vista, and .NET 2.0

Mitrais has also developed a claims management system which was commissioned by Incom for an Australian insurance company.

“Mitrais acts like a developer’s developer, augmenting our ability to provide software solutions in the shortest time possible and providing additional technical services.” — David Watson CEO, Incom

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