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Many Singapore companies used to face the same problems you have now: a shortage of great developers to meet changing demands and bad offshoring options, until they meet Mitrais.


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Why Mitrais?

Over more than 2 decades, Mitrais has established a reputation for being a premier-class provider of technical staff to augment your team’s custom software development in Singapore. As a result of producing tangible results for Singaporean businesses, Mitrais has rated as Indonesia’s leading provider of nearshore software development services by Forrester Research. With world-class technical expertise in custom software development and mobile app development, and proven excellence in delivering via our remote development teams, Mitrais would be a perfect partner for software development company in Singapore to collaborate with the local development team and accelerate the project velocity. We deliver innovation and productivity that provides you with the capacity and capability you need to help your business perform.

We have a history of delivering demonstrable increases in productivity for our Singaporean clients by leveraging the world’s best-practice processes and tools for collaboration and integration with your local team. This means that Mitrais has become a well-known and trusted software development partner.

We Understand Your Pain Point

Technical Depth

Mitrais offers a broad array of technical expertise that can supplement your existing team involved in custom software development in Singapore. We offer over 500 permanent full-time software development staff who are highly trained in a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft Windows, Web, and Mobile solutions, Java and JavaScript application development, DevOps and Cloud computing solutions, and software testing and Quality Assurance. Whether your needs are custom desktop software development, mobile app or cloud-based development, Mitrais is in a great position to help you to meet your Singaporean team’s long-term software development needs and turbo-charge the development schedules of any software development company in Singapore.

No matter whether your software development projects are based on the latest Agile methodologies, or more traditional waterfall processes, we have you covered. We have internationally qualified Project Managers, as well as Scrum Masters who together ensure alignment between your local Singaporean resources and your remote Mitrais team.

Long Term Partnership

At Mitrais, we have developed our own Mitrais Competency Management System (M-CMS), a recognised best-of-breed solution which ensures that our staff are constantly being trained and updated to the latest best-practices. M-CMS gives you a transparent view of our team members’ skills and experience, and makes selecting the right Mitrais team members for your custom software development in Singapore simpler and more intuitive. Continuity of staffing must be a major feature of a software development company in Singapore, and because Mitrais staff are our permanent full-time employees, partnering with us is much more secure than it would be using contractors.

Mitrais is a world-class software company with offices in Indonesia, Singapore, and Tokyo, and has a great history of partnering with Singaporean from a diverse range of business verticals and producing results. In business since 1991, we have developed or implemented software for over 500 clients. We specialise in agile near-shore software development, building long term, high trust, multi-year relationships. Our clients are either IT companies themselves, or companies who find COTS software does not give them a competitive edge.

One mining sector client said “We engaged Mitrais to scale our internal development team. The engagement is awesome and their developers . . . worked hand in hand with our internal team with less to no friction . . . We look for forward to continuing this good relationship on a long-term basis”. An education industry client said “We engaged Mitrais to develop a number of academic forms to support our operational process in our institution, and Mitrais team has been delivering it well”. A digital marketing client said “Being in the same time zone makes it easy for us to work together as our working hours overlap. I feel that engaging Mitrais' services is a good choice for us”.

I worked for Mitrais before, so I know about their quality and professionalism. When the company needs a partner in software development, I know whom to look for.

Devid Andriyano Infinit Group
Devid Andriyano, CEO
Infinit Group Pte Ltd, Singapore

We engaged Mitrais to scale our internal development team. The engagement is awesome and their developers able to works hand in hand with our internal team with less to no friction. The whole Mitrais support (not only their developers), from Account Management, Project Management, Finance, Customer Relationship, etc has been exceptionally good and we are happy with their services. We look forward to continuing this good relationship on a long term basis.

Danny Kurniawan, head of it
globalORE Pte Ltd, Singapore

Some of Our Clients

Case Studies

RYCO Hydraulics Pty Ltd
RYCO Hydraulics is working with Mitrais team to equip the RAM digital platform with new capabilities that include manufacturing of an asset, and customer service location which help customers locate their nearest RYCO 24/7 for service.
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IT Vision
IT Vision needed to redevelop its software while simultaneously managing its rapidly growing business interest and expanding customer base, hence they sought an alternative that would ramp up their development team capability quickly. That was when they found Mitrais.
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Certification & Recognition

Integrated Engagement Model

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Estimation is backed up by M-CMS system auto-generated inputs. Timesheet and project management uses Microsoft Project Server and is integrated with our own SONIC system. Depending on the client’s requirement, Mitrais uses either Waterfall (RUP – Rational Unified Process) or Agile (SCRUM development cycle). Estimation and modelling for software development is supported by Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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