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Mitrais Special Report: The Internet of Things (IoT) An Evaluation of Vendor Solutions

One of the hot buzzwords in today’s press is the Internet of Things (IoT), but for many it’s hard to envisage why. With the emphasis being put on tech “toys” such as Internet-enabled television and refrigerators, some people find it difficult to see why IoT is really that important.

It’s worth remembering, however, that for every shiny new advertisement extolling the virtues of a new connected household appliance, there are thousands of real-world benefits being realised every day through the connected management of electronic devices world-wide. Mitrais team has undertaken this detailed review into some of the most popular vendors of platforms that allow the connection of devices and the development of software solutions to consume and analyse the data from IoT connected devices. They are independently compared on a range of criteria including compatibility, security, connectivity and integration, and the results presented for your information.

Mitrais published our first evaluation of IoT frameworks in our Quarter 3 2016 newsletter, and has now updated it will all of the latest information. If you are considering moving toward an IoT solution for your business, or are even just interested in what is currently available in the market, we invite you to learn more by downloading our special updated report today for free.


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