Mitrais Special Report: Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

In business today, assembling data is no problem. All your supporting systems generate gigabytes of metrics and raw data every week, and you can quickly find yourself drowning in data.

The question, however, is not how much data you have access to, but rather how that data can be used to provide you with the capability to make timely and informed business decisions that add to your bottom line. You need BI solutions that can identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities from your large amounts of data.

Mitrais has conducted a comprehensive Decision Analysis and Resolution exercise (DAR) on some of the popular Business Intelligence contenders. This DAR analyses the differing features of different products, and attempts to compare them with one another.

Want to know more about the results of our investigation and what some of the leading BI solutions have to offer? Download our special report for FREE!

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