rs graha sehat medika

RS Graha Sehat Medika, a progressive hospital located in Pasuruan, has recently gone into partnership with Mitrais to implement the KMS Patient Administration System. The Hospital conducted a simulation from May 4th to 6th of 2018, followed by Go Live before they officially opened on May 9th 2018 and started using KMS-PAS on the 11th for their operations.   

The hospital management was looking for a superior patient administration system to form a sturdy foundation for patient administration, pharmacy operations, tariffs & billing management. 

As Dr Rudy, SP. Og, the director of Rumah Sakit Graha Sehat Medika, said “Rumah Sakit Graha Sehat Medika is based on a great management aspect, modern equipment, and responsive human resources.” 

For those reasons, the management decided to implement Ksatria Medical System (KMS) PAS. KMS PAS is a comprehensive Patient Administration System able to comply with RS Graha Sehat Medika’s needs.

RS GSM is expecting to have an effective integration process for the hospitals core operations. To meet expectations, before going with the full-blown system it is important to ensure all users understand how the system works.  

Based on the implementation and overall process, which run in full collaboration with both parties, the Mitrais team is able to work together with the RS GSM team to deliver all the work as per RS GSM expectations. 

It’s no surprise that the hospital management was delighted by the performance of the Mitrais team. Mitrais was more than able to achieve the project’s very aggressive target dates with satisfying results.  

As Dr Hadi, owner of RS Graha Sehat Medika, said, “I have known Mitrais for a long time. The products are good and the implementation process runs very well. The whole process is carefully planned and executed appropriately. This implementation helps motivate our RS team to engage and be more active in the process.”  

Mitrais is excited to have proven the worth of its rapid implementation and training processes on such an important project and are pleased that hospital management are happy with the results. Mitrais’s VP She Kun mentioned that the implementation would be done successfully, not only as a result of hard work and dedication from both project teams, but also due to the strong commitment and support from Dr Hadi and his team as they are the major contributors to the success of the project.