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KMS Industrial Went Live at First Quantum Minerals Limited (FQML)

The Canadian Mining and Metals Company has engaged Mitrais to implement Ksatria Medical Systems Industrial (KMS-I) for their medical facilities at three different mining sites in Solwezi, Kalumbila, and Ndola. It has gone live in one hospital, three clinics and five First aid stations.

The KMS-I is the version of Hospital Information System designed for large industrial organizations which suit the FQML profile.

FQML’s commitment to put the health and safety of their employees is a top priority.  As a rapidly growing operation, they were looking for a reliable and integrated healthcare management system for their on-site medical facilities. They also want to provide a safety management system for their on-site medical service that is integrated, centralized and reliable, where every aspect can be monitored, including medical records, stock control, and hospital income.

Using KMS-I the integration and centralization of the on-site system can be achieved. It enables management to have better control and obtain real-time information of the hospital operations. It helps speed up the patients’ treatments in the hospital by providing quick access to the patient medical record information.

It came as no surprise therefore that the FQML management was pleased with how the Mitrais team was more than able to run the project in an exemplary manner and extremely delighted with the results.

Quoting Anna Pascall, the Global Health Team Coordinator for FQML:
“Thank you and your team for their fantastic work. Kylie and I would like to particularly nominate the team you sent to Zambia as they seem to have a wonderful knack of getting the training across in a way that is so compatible with the Zambian team and solving problems at the technical end all the while.”

Mitrais was delighted to have demonstrated the worth of its ground-breaking rapid implementation and training processes on such a challenging project as for FQML and pleased that FQML’s management was satisfied with the results. As also mentioned by She Kun, VP Products of Mitrais, the implementation could be done successfully, not only as a result of Mitrais’ team’s hard work but also due to the strong commitment from FQML’s stakeholder and project teams.

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