Mitrais Mining Solutions

With more than 200 clients, Mitrais has plenty of experience in providing the Indonesian mining companies with solutions for geological modeling of complex deposits, strategic mine planning and design, mine management reporting and laboratory management. Using the experience accumulated through the years, we help our clients manage their mining operations to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. 

Our solutions include corporate management, laboratory management, spare parts management and transportation schedule. Mitrais mining solutions offer great ways to optimise both head office and your mine operations. Improve quality by identifying potential problems.



Mitrais Services

System Implementation and Support
Mitrais has over 20 years of experience implementing software solutions that support a mining business and operations.

Our consultants can help identify best practices and align them with your business, as well as providing mid and senior level management with coaching and guidance.

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Mitrais provides scheduled public training as well as client-specific customized training for MineScape and Spry. For clients with complex and geological structures in their ore body, Mitrais is capable of providing customized advanced MineScape & Spry training at clients’ sites. 

Mine Technical Services

Mitrais technical mining consultants provide advice on how to use MineScape and other mining solutions to maximize mine planning and optimization based on the specific mine type and location.